Wednesday, January 21, 2009

36 weeks....

Ahh getting closer to the finish line. this is week 36 of my pregnancy and boy do i feel it.
Baby boy is moving around like he did week 20 i don't think he has realized he is out of room.
This 3D ultrasound picture was taken about week 28.
A dear friend of mine this weekend gave us a crib, dresser/changing table, 3 different strollers, monitor, wipe warmer, toys, and a beautiful glider rocker and ottoman. What a blessing. My cousin about a month ago gave us clothes, 4 boxes, 2 XL tubs, 2 garbage bags full of clothes. I think the kid will have clothes for 1 year+. Another friend just have us some blankets , diaper bag and the cutest cowboy boots. so we are getting there with the things we need. I believe this is the most unprepared i have ever been when it comes to the kids.
Baby shower this weekend which i am very excited to see everyone.
2009 is proving to be a good year and we are on day 2 of "Change" amazing how far we as Americans have come.

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  1. Woohoo!!! What a cutie!

    Isn't it great to have friends? I have some who are giving me items as well, particularly the stroller and crib. I'm hoping that we can find some of our old stuff in our storage area.

    Can't wait to see you Saturday!