Wednesday, April 29, 2009

WIll the Sick people....

Please stay home.
At work this week it seems that everyday there are about 5 more sick people then the day before. So many coughing, sneezing, achy, grouchy people.
Makes me feel like shutting myself in the house and not coming out for a week. I don't want what they have and I don't want my kids to get sick. Regardless of this Swine Flu outbreak and all the hoopla about it..... people are spreading germs and have a complete disregard for others.
If you are sick just stay the heck home for a few days and get better.
Summer please get here quicker!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

11 years and healing

I wrote this last year- so this year it's been 11 years.
It's important to put a face to domestic violence. Remember there are many more out there that you might not be aware of.

10 years ago on Mother’s day…… my life changed forever.My 1st marriage ended.It was Sunday afternoon we had just finished with brunch with my gram and mom.Took the kids home, was feeding the oldest soup and the youngest went to bed.My husband was ticked; something was bugging him, something I did (of course).He told me to leave. I said NO, he told me to leave again and I was kinda tired of him being so bossy and just being mean. I said the baby is asleep and the other one is eating lunch. It is easier for you to leave if you want to be alone you can leave.He raced down the hallway grabbed the baby out of the crib and threw her in my face and said she isn’t sleeping anymore now leave….. Some switch in my turned on, something clicked, the warning sirens went off- “Get out”. I turned to run for the phone because I knew rights then I don’t think I am going to make it out of this. He threw the baby across the room- thankfully she hit the couch and bounced along with the cushion to the floor.As I grabbed the phone and hit the 9- he grabbed me and flung me around. The phone went flying – shattering as it hit the floor. I remember to this day the grip he had on my right hand and then the next thing I know- I am up against a wall- being slammed against it. He had me by the neck of my shirt and had lifted me off the ground and was slamming me back and forth into the wall. Each time he did this his fists would pound into my chest. He stopped and I ran for the phone in the other room- he was right behind me.Then I got loose and ran to the other room for the other phone. So many things were racing through my head at that moment. Am I going to die, oh he is sooo mad, and please stay at the table eating, please don’t get down (my oldest daughter). He kept just screaming at me to leave and so I was able to calm down and get him to listen- I said okay I will leave let me call my mom and see if she is home. Let me see if the girls and I can go over there. He followed me to the office where I picked up the phone and I asked if he would go check on the girls. I dialed 911 as fast as I could and as soon as someone answered I said “ I need help now- my husband is going to kill me” then he came back into the room and sat there staring at me. I pretended to be talking to my mom. The operator picked up on it quickly and said “he is in the room with you isn’t he” “YES” “okay just answer what you can and I have dispatched the police cars whatever you do don’t hang up” so came the series of questions, are you alone, is this your address, he asked if kids were there and right at that moment my oldest walked in “ Hi honey can you go check on your baby sister, mommy will be out in a minute” he said “you have 2 kids- girls?” “YES” then it seemed like hours but I know it was probably only a minute. I told my husband oh my mom got another call and I am waiting for her to come back on the line. Then the doorbell rang. I am in the back of the house I can’t see anything- I can’t see the kids. My husband leaves, and then I hear voices “Sir, Your under arrest, where’s your wife” that moment I was shaking so hard no it was trembling. And I released everything. I just started crying. 2 police officers came in; I was still on the phone with the operator. Who I thought was the greatest person in the world and still is in my mind to this day. God was there every minute orchestrating my rescue. I hung up the phone and the officers went to go handle my husband and paramedics came in. I wanted to see my kids. The oldest had tried to come between me and my husband (she wasn’t his) she was screaming at him and I was so afraid that if she did or said just the right thing he would hurt her. Thankfully I was able to stay between them and get her to go play and do something. I had bruises all over, I thought my ribs and hands were broken so did the paramedics.I told them my mom can take me to the hospital I can’t leave my kids alone. They changed the kids diapers, gave them toys. They were heroes. The cops took my husband away. I went to the hospital. Lots of pictures taken, lots of questions. Nothing broken just bruising. My hand was wrapped up and I was given meds and sent home. More to come, later……

Friday, April 3, 2009


okay how the heck do you make a nice header?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

What's Normal?

Ahh a few minutes without having to hold- rock- bounce- feed- change a baby.
He is sleeping peacefully in the bassinet. WOO HOO! I love Aaron but man i feel like i am a brand new mom and never had a baby before. The 3 girls were nothing like this precious little baby boy. Since finding out 2 weeks ago he had reflux, getting meds and learning tons of techniques to help soothe him i think we are finally seeing the light. If he wasn't eating he was crying, fussing and just wanted to be held, rocked, or his favorite bounced. I think the medicine has finally starting working as he seems to be more comfortable and more peaceful. I can finally put him down and let him have tummy time or sleep in the bassinet without having to hold him. I can get things done and type with 2 hands :-) !!!

We spend a lot of time on the ball (you know those big huge bouncy ones) i am gonna have great calf muscles built up. I wish it wasn't raining so we could get outside and do some walking and get fresh air. But here we sit inside watching it POUR... seriously will it ever stop.

Toryn has been having panic attacks and lots of anxiety issues. Registering for high school is not so much fun. I think the school and counselors have been talking to the 9th graders for about a month now and the poor girl is so stressed out over what classes- what career path- 4 yr college, technical college- oh my so many decisions and choices to make that totally map out the rest of your life. She hasn't been sleeping at all. Not so much fun when I am already not sleeping with an 8 week old. To have a 14 yr old up all night wanting to sleep with you cause she can't sleep- ummm someone needs to make a bigger bed!!!! We went to the doctor and she gave Toryn some great advice on relaxing herself and told her no TV/Ipod 1 hour before bed, drink tea, and take melatonin. Well it's all working she has been sleeping. Now to see a counselor to get the panic attacks and anxiety under control. Poor kid i can't imagine what she is going to be like in a few years when things really get hard.

Okay i think this is all i can get away with for now on typing and updating everyone.
Take care and best wishes