Thursday, April 2, 2009

What's Normal?

Ahh a few minutes without having to hold- rock- bounce- feed- change a baby.
He is sleeping peacefully in the bassinet. WOO HOO! I love Aaron but man i feel like i am a brand new mom and never had a baby before. The 3 girls were nothing like this precious little baby boy. Since finding out 2 weeks ago he had reflux, getting meds and learning tons of techniques to help soothe him i think we are finally seeing the light. If he wasn't eating he was crying, fussing and just wanted to be held, rocked, or his favorite bounced. I think the medicine has finally starting working as he seems to be more comfortable and more peaceful. I can finally put him down and let him have tummy time or sleep in the bassinet without having to hold him. I can get things done and type with 2 hands :-) !!!

We spend a lot of time on the ball (you know those big huge bouncy ones) i am gonna have great calf muscles built up. I wish it wasn't raining so we could get outside and do some walking and get fresh air. But here we sit inside watching it POUR... seriously will it ever stop.

Toryn has been having panic attacks and lots of anxiety issues. Registering for high school is not so much fun. I think the school and counselors have been talking to the 9th graders for about a month now and the poor girl is so stressed out over what classes- what career path- 4 yr college, technical college- oh my so many decisions and choices to make that totally map out the rest of your life. She hasn't been sleeping at all. Not so much fun when I am already not sleeping with an 8 week old. To have a 14 yr old up all night wanting to sleep with you cause she can't sleep- ummm someone needs to make a bigger bed!!!! We went to the doctor and she gave Toryn some great advice on relaxing herself and told her no TV/Ipod 1 hour before bed, drink tea, and take melatonin. Well it's all working she has been sleeping. Now to see a counselor to get the panic attacks and anxiety under control. Poor kid i can't imagine what she is going to be like in a few years when things really get hard.

Okay i think this is all i can get away with for now on typing and updating everyone.
Take care and best wishes

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