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UnStuff book review

God . . . and stuff. Everything in the universe falls into one of these two categories. Which is more important to you? (It’s not a trick question.) In Unstuff: Making Room in Your Life for What Really Matters, popular authors Hayley and Michael DiMarco take a close look at what’s in your wallet, your heart, your house, and your mind to reveal the pleasures and perils of stuff—and the joy, peace, and freedom that comes from learning to live with less.
In this real-life look at “how it’s done,” the DiMarcos take an uncomfortably close look at the cost of their love affair with stuff. They start by Unstuffing their house—getting rid of anything they don’t need by giving away, selling, or throwing out items that only add to their love for more. Then, kicking it up a notch, this family of three travels across the country with nothing more than they can fit in a motor home . . . and discovers that the really important stuff goes with them.

This book is 6 sections full of ideas and personal stories from the authors as to how they experienced a releasing of their stuff. These sections include:

"Wallet Stuff" which includes work, paying bills, shopping, and all things financial.
"Mind Stuff" talks about instant gratification, depression, drama, worrying about what others think.
"Body Stuff" is all about eating and weight issues and fatigue.
"Love Stuff" delves into sexual addiction, being selfish or lonely, and how giving can replace love.
"Worship Stuff" includes wanting to be comfortable, not praying, reading the Word or just being lazy.
"Future Stuff" talks about avoiding certain triggers, living within your means and learning to rest.

Disclaimer: Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of this book in order to facilitate an honest review. Others may or may not have the same experience(s) with this book and/or company.

Booksneeze:Voices of the Faithful

Product Description
A 366-day devotional with inspiring stories from the front lines of faith.

"A willingness to go is all they have in common," says Beth Moore, speaking of her friends on the front lines who are spreading the gospel around the world and with whom she collaborated to create this book. This brilliant, 366-day devotional features incredible stories of God's faithfulness in the face of uncertainty and danger, written by hundreds of missionaries worldwide.

With a foreword by International Mission Board president Jerry Rankin and an introduction by Beth, this volume also includes advice on how to hear God's voice, pray for missionaries, and understand the church's and individual's role in missions

Beth Moore compiles this set of short inspirational readings (one for every day). Each reading is one page. The objective is that you read the short essay, all of which are based on Bible verses, and contemplate the teaching throughout the day.

The essays are arranged by subject. Each month has a different theme. February - the word of God. March - prayer. Etc. Each month's essays are preceded by comments by Beth Moore.

Some of the essays are very inspiring. It takes a couple of minutes to do the daily reading, but one can contemplate it during your daily commute or throughout the entire day. Some of these messages are that good.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255 : "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

Blogging for Books review: If God is Good

From Publishers Weekly
The crossover fiction and nonfiction author of the half-million–selling Heaven throws down a heavy response to a spate of recent bestselling atheism books. Because the main argument of atheists against the existence of God is suffering in the world, Alcorn lays out a weighty and classically reasoned argument to the problem of suffering in this thoroughly modern book. His biggest trump card is that atheists were hardly the first to ask about suffering and evil. Ancient writers did, and the fact that the Bible raises the problem of evil gives us full permission to do so. Evil and suffering are addressed in tandem but approached differently. Evil comes from human rebellion or sin, and suffering is a secondary evil brought on by that primary evil. By granting free will to humanity, God allows for an eternal good that humans don't always see now but will experience in the life to come if faithful. Not academic but well-reasoned, Alcorn may not convince atheists, but apart from them readership is wide open. (Sept.)
Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

This is a solid, thought-provoking, and well-written book.

If God is Good: Faith in the Midst of Suffering and Evil deals with the prime questions people ask today:
Why would an all-good and all-powerful God create a world full of evil and suffering? And then, how can there be a God if suffering and evil exist?

The book is laid out well, I would suggest if you are going to take the journey through this book which will be on my top ten list, I would use it as a devotional, reading a chapter a day for each section is short enough to read in one sitting.
Alcorn deals with this tough subject using God's Word as his textbook and real life examples of people he knows and has interviewed. He never minimizes the evil, suffering and hurt of those he uses as illustrations, but sees them as heroes of the faith who have clung to God in the midst of deepest valleys.
Some section titles include Understanding the Problem of Evil and Suffering, The Origin of Evil..., Proposed Solutions..., Living Meaningfully in Suffering, Why Does God Allow Suffering?

This book was provided for review by WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing

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B&B Book Review: It's No Secret

Product Description
Are you tired of life as usual? Ready to trade your everyday issues and emotional hang-ups for a life of greater intimacy and fulfillment?

Then it's time you join Rachel Olsen and discover some God-sized secrets to successful living.
Rachel's writing is lighthearted and fun. But she's serious about helping you uncover biblical secrets to energize your spiritual life and relationships. This book will help you:

* Handle petty conflicts and criticism with grace
* Overcome the competitive urges that leave you lonely
* Grow spiritually despite life's setbacks
* Relax unrealistic expectations in favor of emotional stability
* Uncover a surprising means to worshiping God amidst your busy schedule
* Discover how to make what you give away ultimately return to you
* Find adventure as you yield wholeheartedly to God

You'll explore twelve principals from scripture, and delve into the Bible yourself with end-of-chapter studies. So grab your Bible, your coffee cup, a copy of It's No Secret, and a girlfriend and come discover twelve secrets the world doesn't know that every woman should.

About the Author
Rachel Olsen's passion is helping woman see and savor God afresh. She is a popular national women's speaker, a staffer with Proverbs 31 Ministries, and a communication instructor at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington. Rachel is also general editor of God's Purpose for Every Woman. She and her husband raise two children and enjoy life in a beach town.



Your closest friends.

This is a great bible study to work alone, but if you are looking for that next bible study for your ladies group, this is it.

What I like about this is that it addresses everyday topics that as women and as followers of Christ, we continually encounter such as issues of competition, true versus false humilty, gossip, just finding times, among the many topics that are touched and are daily struggles for a Sister of Christ.

Chapters are brief, with study questions that will really have you digging into your Bible to explore and examine Biblical truths and stories and how they apply today as they have applied throughout the ages.

These are short studies that are good for a thirty minute study if you're doing it alone or for hour(s) discussions for a group of girlfriends whose gather together and sure to touch, encouraged and challenged.

Please note: I received this book free from B & B Media Group, which has a program designed for book reviews by bloggers. The opinions that I have expressed in this review are my own, and I was not required to write a positive review. For more details about the B & B Media Group, please view their websites:

B&B Book Review- The Life Book

This is an incredible movement created to get the book into the hands of high schoolers and others where it generally isn't allowed.


Our mission is to help local churches and youth ministries give the free gift of God's Word to Every High School student in your local high school(s).

We are now scheduling The Life Book Saturations for 2010. Apply early because we have a limited number of openings.

If your church or youth ministry would like to consider being the Lead Church for The Life Book Movement for your high school(s), details are below:

What is required?

A passionate and committed point person (preferably a pastor or youth leader).
Ability and willingness to bring together a small team of caring adults to make the project a success.
Ability and willingness to involve other area churches and youth ministries in your local Life Book Project.
Commitment to regular communication with our Director of Saturations and the local churches and/or youth ministries involved.
Commitment to see the project through from beginning to end.

Action Steps:

Fill out the application below.
Speak with our Director of Saturations (He will call you)
Commit to be the Saturation Leader

Learn More...


Founded by The Gideons International as an innovative strategy to reach high school students with God's Word, The Life Book Movement works through churches and their students to saturate high schools with God's Word. The Life Book Movement is best described as a week-long mission trip in which high school students get the opportunity to offer the gift of The LIfe Book to their classmates during school.

The Life Book’s unique design engages searching high school students with the truth of God’s Word as they are introduced to Jesus Christ. Using an interactive format with honest student comments and real-life questions in the margins, readers are drawn into the only story that can change their lives forever.

Working through local churches, The Life Book Movement provides free copies of The Life Book to Christian students to give to classmates during school. Because it is legal for students to distribute religious literature in public schools, this unique approach provides an opportunity for churches and youth ministries to get God’s Word in the hands of every student in every high school they serve.

With Saturations scheduled throughout the United States, the end goal is to eventually place God’s Word in the hands of 17.5 million high school students


One week where all the Christian students from local churches hand out The Life Book at their local high schools.
The Life Book Movement is simply a week-long mission trip for high school students to their schools.


Click HERE to view our online application. We are currently looking for Saturation Leaders for Fall 2010.

All I can say is get involved- buy some books and pass them around.

B&B Book review: It's Your Call

Product Description
Discover God’s calling for your life ...

Few spiritual concepts have fascinated and confused people more than understanding God’s calling for their life. Is it primarily about a job or a role? It is precise or general? Is a calling only reserved for those who work in professional ministry?

The truth is actually amazingly profound: What we are supposed to do is what we most want to do.

This is a guide for discovering God’s design and destiny for your life. Drawing from over 20 years of experience in ministry, Gary Barkalow shares how you can:

Live alert and oriented to the voice and choreography of God.
Discover and interpret the voice of your own story.
Discern the strategic assault against your calling.
Recognize God’s intentional training in your life’s journey.

Most of all, you’ll be inspired to let the glory of your life touch the world around you.

About the Author

Gary Barkalow is the founder and director of The Noble Heart, a ministry with the express purpose of helping men and women find their life in God and their calling in this world. He has served in leadership positions at Ransomed Heart Ministries, Focus on the Family, and Campus Crusade for Christ. Through The Noble Heart, Gary speaks at conferences across the country and around the world. Gary and his wife, Leigh, reside in Colorado Springs with their four children.

over 20 years study on the part of the author. He calls you into the study with the likes of C.S. Lewis, George MacDonald, Oswald Chambers, Dallas Willard and many others. But don't come in expecting to "get it all" in 10 minutes. Come in with your journal in hand, a cup of your favorite beverage, and the understanding that you are going to be here awhile. Because you have been invited to join in a conversation that has been going on since creation. A conversation about life, and living. And that conversation requires commitment; but the rewards will be worth the investment.

B&B Book Review: Baby Bible Christmas Story

Product Description

Christmas Bible stories made simple, interactive, and relevant for young children.
With a fresh look, The Baby Bible Christmas Storybook is an interactive and gentle-hearted way to discover and reinforce familiar Bible stories with very young children during the Christmas season.
Inside you will find:
• Simple actions and activities with Mom or Dad help tell Christmas Bible stories.
• Short story length allows for short attention spans.
• Actions and easy vocabulary works well for the small child (infancy through three years old).
• Short prayers at the end of each story help make the story relevant for little ones and teach them to pray.

The Baby Bible Christmas Storybook introduces your child to the Christmas story with bright, colorful pictures, simple prayers and suggested actions to bring the stories to life. The sixteen short stories bring parents and children together to learn the wonderful story of Christmas in an interactive manner.

I really enjoyed this Christmas storybook. The illustrations were wonderful and brought the Christmas story to life. They are bright, vivid and easy to see. My daughter was constantly pointing and naming objects, actions and places or animals. The book itself is unique because it gives suggested hand motions under each line in the story for parents to interact with their children

BookSneeze Review :The Grae of God

Product Description
"Grace. It's what we crave most when our guilt is exposed. It's the very thing we are hesitant to extend when we are confronted with the guilt of others-especially when their guilt has robbed us of something we consider valuable.

Therein is the struggle, the struggle for grace. It's this struggle that makes grace more story than doctrine. It's the struggle that reminds us that grace is bigger than compassion or forgiveness. That struggle is the context for both. When we are on the receiving end, grace is refreshing. When it is required of us, it is often disturbing. But when correctly applied, it seems to solve just about everything. This struggle is not new; it has been going on since the beginning."

-Andy Stanley

We find in the pages of Scripture that the stories found there often mirror our own stories, and that we too need the very thing we do not deserve: the grace of God.

From the beginning, the church has had an uneasy relationship with grace. The gravitational pull is always toward graceless religion. The odd thing is that when you read the New Testament, the only thing Jesus stood against consistently was graceless religion. The only group he attacked relentlessly was graceless religious leaders.

Even now as you think about grace, there might be a little voice in your head whispering, "It can't be that easy!"

"What about obedience?"

"What about disobedience?"

"What about repeated misbehavior?"

"What about bad habits?"

"What about justice?"

"What about repentance?"

It's this tension that makes grace so slippery. But that's the beauty and the truth of grace. We don't deserve it. We can't earn it. It can't be qualified. But God gives it to us anyway because he loves us unconditionally.

The story of grace is your story. And as you are about to discover grace plays a larger role than you imagine.

This book is written in such a way that you will find yourself relating to every story, every situation, and every subject. It is encouraging, reaffirming, reassuring, and life-changing. You will weep as the words strike a chord in your own heart and rejoice as you realize that grace is a product of God's deep and everlasting love for all His children. You will learn that as He extends his grace to you, so should you extend grace to your neighbor. You will see the very nature of God spilled out onto every page; how His grace extends so far beyond our own reach and limited depth perception. You will see that He is a graceful and merciful God; the message is abundantly clear and unmistakable.

I highly recommend putting this book at the very top of your must-read list. Even though I haven't yet finish it, I know that I have been blessed by the reading and will continue to be blessed as I absorb each word all the way to the end. In fact, I can't wait to dive into it again today!

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the book sneeze book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255

BookSneeze Review: Good Morning Lord

Product Description
Delight in each day as an adventure in trusting a faithful God.

Whether facing day-to-day frustrations or long-term struggles with fear, insecurity, or the weight of a painful past, Sheila Walsh takes women by the hand and helps build unbridled trust in The One who gives hope, healing, peace, and redemption. Each 'day' starts with a devotion geared toward real life situations that women often face, and ends with questions for thought and space for journaling personal reflections. The invitation is to journey through lessons that women can use immediately to establish a deep, life-altering trust in the Father.

are approximately two paragraphs long and include two thought questions with space for journaling, a prayer, and a Bible verse. All of the devotions in this book were adapted from several other books by Shelia Walsh.

This book offers just the motivation I need to commit my days to God. The brief devotions offer me just enough to think about and to "chew on" for the rest of the day. Too often for me, morning quiet time becomes overwhelming because of my perfectionistic nature. This book allows me to do one small thing well.

I also think it is beautifully designed and would make a great gift.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255

Giveaway- B&B Mark of Love

I have one Mark of Love available- random # selction on Dec 15th. Please post a comment below to be entered into the drawing.

The Mark of Love

The Mend Mark tells a powerful story in two words

Have you been “Marked?” The Mend Mark is a mission, a movement, an entire revolution. It is a bracelet meant to remind its wearers of Christ’s love and sacrifice, and its message is the passion of its creator, Hunter Harrison.

The Mend Mark is an innovative and distinctive bracelet that is designed to reflect the scars and nail holes of Jesus. When worn, the band resembles the deep holes of the nail driven into the wrists of Jesus during his crucifixion. By bringing the story of Jesus’ life and death to constant awareness by wearing a bracelet, Mend Mark is meant to powerfully remind wearers of the ultimate act of love Jesus made for all of humankind.

Harrison’s mission is to remind all to remember Christ’s love in both his life and death. But more than only a poignant recollection, the Mend Mark is meant to inspire and motivate wearers to live a life of service. Harrison strives to bring people together around the simplicity and power of love as lived by Jesus. But this is no example of passive love. The Mend Mark calls individuals in all walks of life to love with a profound sincerity and commitment great enough to change a neighborhood, a community, a world.

Harrison leads this call to love and sacrifice by example and joins hands with each Mend Mark bracelet purchaser to take the first step in global change. A portion of each bracelet sold goes to support Living Water International, an organization combating the clean water crisis victimizing over one billion people worldwide. Each $5,000 given will result in one well drilled, providing a community with clean water.

But wearers should be prepared to be seen. Unique in its design, the Mend Mark is sure to be noticed and gives wearers an opportunity to share the story of the profound love of Jesus for each and every person. “It was important to me that the design was simple and generic enough that the observer had to ask about it to know what it meant. But I also wanted it to appear distinctive enough that it sparked curiosity,” reveals creator Hunter Harrison. “I wanted it to require the wearer of the product to engage in conversation about the love of Christ (and hopefully show that love to others) instead of just letting the product talk for them.”

Launched in late 2009 after a year and a half of packaging, material, and design development by Harrison, the bracelet has been sold across the United States, Canada, and the UK and has been featured in retail stores as well. The Mend Mark bracelet movement has grown to further fame after being worn during performances by American Idol winner Lee Dewyze, Idol runner up Siobhan Magnus, Decifer Down, Israel Houghton & New Breed, Pillar, and Finding Favour, to name a few. Says Harrison, “I want it to be more than just another bracelet; I want it to represent a movement.” Based on the way things are going, a movement is exactly what it is becoming.

Order online for $9.99 at

Q&A With Hunter Harrison,

Creator of the Mend Mark

Q: How did you arrive at the idea for the Mend Mark? Why a bracelet?

A: I always thought about getting a tattoo. I still haven’t, but tattoo designs frequently cross my mind, and if I ever got one I would want it to be meaningful. On one particular day, I had the idea of getting two circles tattooed on my wrist to resemble a hole. But not just any hole—the hole that killed a king. The more and more I thought about it, the more I came to realize that nowadays EVERYONE has a tattoo and it would almost be rebellious NOT to get one. (I guess you could consider me a reverse rebel.) So I decided to do something a little different, something that would reach many more people than just some ink on my wrist. I took the idea and designed a bracelet instead, and consequently, the Mend Mark idea was born.

Q: At first glance Mend Mark seems like a nebulous name. What does it mean?

A: I’ve always liked the word “mend” and I feel like it’s underused. So it was an easy decision to incorporate that into the name. It fit the product purpose, and since it was representing one of the marks of Jesus, Mend Mark was an obvious choice. Plus it had a nice ring to it and with tattoo roots it seemed natural to call it that. I wanted it to be more than just another bracelet or wristband. I wanted it to represent a movement. So the “Mend Mark” it became.

Q: What are you hoping will be accomplished through the wearing of the Mend Mark bracelet and through the Mend Mark movement?

A: There are three main things I want to be accomplished. First is that I wanted people to remember the sacrifice. I wanted to unite people—Christians (no matter the denomination) and even people of other worldviews—on one common message: LOVE. The love that Christ preached in particular. With so many books out there and theological debates on who’s right and who’s wrong, sometimes we forget the simplicity of Christ’s main message: LOVE. I figured that no matter what one believes, they can’t deny that selfless love can change the world… and sometimes we need a reminder of that. So I coined the phrase “Remember Love” to be printed on the bracelet. The second thing is that I wanted people to emulate the emotion. I wanted it to require the wearer of the product to engage in conversation about the love of Christ (and hopefully show that love to others) instead of just letting the product talk for them. I felt that if this was done properly it could force people into intentional situations where they were able to demonstrate their faith. If I was a non-believer and I saw someone wearing an obvious Christian product, I doubt I would ask that person about it because I would already know what they were going to say. But, if I saw this, I would want to know what it was. It sparks curiosity… and in turn that curiosity may open some doors for people to share the love of Christ with others. Finally, I wanted it to inspire people to change the world around them. I decided to find a cause to support through the sales of the bracelet. There was no reason for me to keep all the profits for myself. I wanted to be able to give back and share the proceeds somehow. I researched and prayed and petitioned God on what ministry to support and God led me to Living Water International. I knew I wanted to help fight malnourishment in one way or another and providing “Living Water” seemed to fit the purpose of the product—using “love” to mend. That’s what it’s all about and this product allows that to happen on a global scale.

Q: Where did the inspiration to create the Mend Mark come from?

A: My mother was the most influential person in my life. She raised me on her own, even homeschooled me in high school, and I think that extra time with her really impacted me. She passed away from cancer in 2007, but she always told me I would do great things. My wife, Morgan, has been extremely instrumental in encouraging me to take those words from my mom to heart and make them a reality. Morgan motivates me like no one else can and has been a tremendous source of love and support throughout the entire process.

Then my work in banking inspired me. All day long I am helping people achieve their dreams getting businesses and ideas started. I wanted to get out there and start doing something myself. But I wanted it to be meaningful. Since my son was born two years ago, he’s given me an added motivation to do something bigger than myself, something that will somehow leave a legacy behind.

Q: The Mend Mark is certainly growing as a movement. It’s even been worn by celebrities. What’s next for the Mend Mark?

A: The Mend Mark isn’t the first idea I’ve tried to get off the ground. It definitely won’t be the last either. By far, it’s been the most fun and the most successful, and the one I’ve been most passionate about. I’m currently working on additional product designs as well as T-shirts that will go along with the original Mend Mark purpose. The future is bright and I can’t wait to see where God takes it.

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Blind Hope review


An unwanted dog. An emotional rescue.
Two lives forever changed.

Laurie's dreams had been shattered before she came to work at Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch—the ranch of rescued dreams—where broken horses and broken children encounter healing every day. In an attempt to soothe her aching soul, Laurie reached out to save a dog in need. And she soon began to realize that the dog was rescuing her.

An inspiring true story told through the engaging voice of Kim Meeder, Blind Hope reveals poignant life lessons Laurie experienced from her ailing, yet courageous canine friend. Despite the blindness of her dog—and her own heart—Laurie uncovered what she really needed most: authentic love, unconditional trust, and true acceptance, faults and all.

As Laurie and her dog, Mia, both learned to follow the lead of a master they couldn’t see, Laurie discovered the transforming power of God’s grace even for imperfect and selfish people—and she experienced a greater love than she had ever known.

“Love is a bridge that stands firm through difficulties and connects one heart directly to another, not because of how it looks, but because of what it is.” —Kim Meeder, Blind Hope

I LOVE Kim Meeder's books and her ranch. What amazing and inspirational stories that come out of her heart and the ranch. This is a must read. and DOG is GOD spelled backwards.

I was provide a copy of this book from Waterbrook Multnomah for review purposes

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fasting for Aaron on Friday

I am going to FAST on Friday for Aaron and for his health- would you please consider standing with me and praying?

Tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday) some folks from church are coming over to pray over aaron and for aaron. We just want him healthy and this trend of illnesses/health issues to be gone. If you think about it can you pray tomorrow afternoon for aaron and for the church folks who are praying? I don’t know the time yet but will update you.

Below are emails I sent to our church prayer chain:

Last Wednesday morning we went to Children’s Hospital Seattle for more testing.

Aaron will be having a VFSS (Video fluoroscopic Swallowing Study). We met with the pulmonary clinic/drs at Children’s a few weeks ago and they think its a good idea to have this test done to see if there is a possibility food/liquids are going into this lungs when he eats/swallows.

He is now 21 months old and has been sick for 10 months straight only a short 8 week break June-august and mid August it started again.

He is on prevacid, 2 inhalers has had 3 chest xrays, 1 upper gi, 1 surgery, VCUG and tons of tests. I just want his body to be healed.

Marco and I are soooo tired, just mentally, emotionally, and physically. Every time we try to come to church on sunday sickness gets us. One sunday marco was so sick couldn't move and about 2pm that afternoon it was gone. I am sure its something bigger (spirit of isolation) keeping us away because we have been so isolated this past year.

If you could pray for this isolation thing to go away and for our relationships with friends and families to grow in leaps in bounds. Health Health Health- for healing and strength and protection for our family. Wisdom for the doctors and for what ever is going on with Aaron to be revealed and mystery solved so we can reduce medicines and get him healthy. Also if you are praying and hear anything for us could you let us know.

Update from the testing:

The swallowing study (xray) showed that he is building a pocket of fluids up over his airway so its possible he is aspirating but at that time of the testing he would trigger his muscles and swallow instead of all of it going into his lungs. He is now due to this on a liquid restricted diet which means anything and everything that is pour able/liquid needs to be thickened. We have a dietician assigned to us from Children's and Thickening stuff we have to use.

by thickening the liquids he has to work more and harder to get things down and he uses all his muscles which makes it go down the right pipe. where thinner liquids it appears he is lazier and allows them to go down both tubes.

recheck in 3 months.

later that day we had another dr appt and found out he has alot of food allergies.

Dairy or any product in dairy category was huge. Thankfully we had taken him off dairy in June due to the fact dairy creates alot of mucous. So we were giving him almond milk and coconut milk which he is highly allergic to hazelnut, soy, coconut and almonds. so now just rice milk.

there is something that is also making his face develop a rash. We can't figure out if its the prevacid(reflux med) or a food. so we are monitoring that closely to figure out what the trigger is.

He has been coughing a lot the past few days and tons of mucous so we are hoping in the next day or 2 his body will flush away all the cold/allergy stuff and coughing will go away now that we have removed the allergens.

The drs say in time he will probably out grow everything maybe by age 4 or 5.

there is more I am sure - it was a lot of stuff to process Wednesday and then phone calls with follow up appts and children's home care yesterday.

You wouldn't know he was sick- he is in daycare- running around- being cray but gets crabby and coughs. We just need his lungs healed.

11/14 Aaron wasn’t feeling well this morning and took a nap about 10/11 ish woke up with a fever and a gunky eye. After about an hour or so we decided to take him into Children’s Bellevue Urgent Care- well he has an ear infection and pink eye. His lungs sounded okay. His fever is about 100. He is on 2 different meds for ear infection and pink eye. This means no daycare and one of us need to stay home from work to be with him and care for him.

This is almost exactly to the week when we first started with all the ER visits- last year this time he had ear infection- pink eye and pneumonia. So we are praying and breaking this- no more!!!

Can we all just pray in agreement for his healing and his body to be restored to pure health.

Tonight 11/16 Really exciting news- Aaron was having a bad day not feeling well and not eating – we tried to get an appt with our ped dr but they were full so at 5pm we went to Children’s Bellevue Urgent care.

Aaron’s ear infection is gone. After 3 doses of antibiotics it’s gone. The dr said if it hadn’t been written in his record that he had one she wouldn’t have known because there were no signs.

His pink eye is looking great you can hardly see.

So Prayer is working and we are going to keep pressing in. As I know God can and will heal Aaron.

SMALL STRAWS IN A SOFT WIND by Marsha Burns -- 11/16/2010:

Be strong and do not lose heart. Refuse to give up. The enemy would have you to believe in hopelessness, but he will not succeed as long as you maintain your position of hope. Give him no ground. Take the time and make the effort to exercise your faith and to believe Me and know that I have heard your prayers, says the Lord.

2 Corinthians 4:17 For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory

Friday, November 12, 2010

B&B Media Review: Jump Into a life of Further and Higher

Editorial Reviews
Product Description
Jump is a powerful guide to becoming a vehicle of compassion, reconciliation, and transformation in our world.
Life is all about jumps. We jump from high school to college, school to the professional world, dating to marriage. Each leap launches us to new levels.
Even though we can’t see what’s on the other side of the wall, our faith jumps are about trusting that God is there. We experience the liberation when we jump into the arms of our Savior, then into a church family, and then into a world desperately in need.
Efrem Smith presents fresh insights into how Christians can say yes to the jump that takes them deeper into a loving, devotional, intimate life with God.

About the Author
Efrem Smith uses motivational speaking, comedy, and preaching to equip people for a life of transformation. He is the Superintendent of the Pacific Southwest Conference for the Evangelical Covenant Church, and an Itinerant Speaker with Kingdom Building Ministries. He is a graduate of Saint John’s University and Luther Theological Seminary, and the author of Raising Up Young Heroes and The Hip-Hop Church. He and his family live in the Bay Area of California.

Smith tells of his own journey of faith, of a jump into connection with the body of Christ. Influenced by the writing of Dr. Martin Luther King and the nonviolence movement for civil rights, Smith's message for the individual and the church includes a strong emphasis on justice and reconciliation. He writes from a pastor's heart, with a vision for a multiethnic and multicultural emphasis on evangelism and discipleship immersed in compassion, mercy, and justice.

I was provided a copy of this book by Audra Jennings of B&B Media Group in exchange for my honest review here.

B&B Media Review: Nudge

Editorial Reviews
Product Description

Evangelism is about reaching out to others. Really? You think?

Brace yourself. In Nudge, author Leonard Sweet sets out to revolutionize our understanding of evangelism. He defines evangelism as “nudge” – awakening each other to the God who is already there. Sweet’s revolution promises to affect your encounters with others, as well as shaking the very roots of your own faith. So brace yourself.

About the Author
Leonard Sweet is the E. Stanley Jones Professor of Evangelism at Drew University and a Distinguished Visiting Professor at George Fox University, and a chief contributor to Sweet is the author of hundres of articles and numberous books, including The Gospel According to Starbucks, 11, So Beautiful, AquaChurch 2.0,and SoulTsunami. To learn more visit

"Nudge evangelism is the planting of seeds. With a motivation of love, nudges meet people in their context and nourish their souls in some way. As in Jesus' parable of the seeds, planting frees us to be extravagant in love, yet leaves the results for God to germinate and grow. Nudging is an open-ended enterprise God may undertake directly. God may use others, and time and circumstance to grow. Or God may even employ a continuing involvement from us. The main thing is that nudgers are free to love without consequences. Nudgers are free to invest in the lives of others through the generosity of life as a conduit of love from God...Nudge is a a call to evangelize life and to face death so others may live."

The first section of the book explores what it means to pay attention in order to both witness and to bear witness. The remainder of the book invites us to realize how God moves and speaks through each one of our senses. Sweet's playful, encylopedic presentation is meant to both spark our imaginations and provoke each one of us to action in our own context through word and silence, touch and taste, scent and sound.

Nudge is great news about the Good News. This is a rich, lovely, inspiring read - and one that connected me more fully to my own humanity, to the One who made me, and to the world he loves. Highly recommended.

I was provided a copy of Leonard Sweet's book Nudge: Awakening Each Other To The God Who's Already There by Audra Jennings of B&B Media Group in exchange for my honest review here.

Tyndale Review:"The Surprising Way to a Stronger Marriage"

Editorial Reviews
Product Description
The most significant act of love we can do for our spouse is the single act of taking personal responsibility—or “the power of one.” We cannot reach satisfaction in our marriage relationships if we don’t first look at ourselves and see where we need to change. Personal responsibility is the fuel that drives the actions of a healthy marriage.
Usually, each spouse blames the other for their problems; this attitude only leads down a path of unfulfilled expectations and heartache. But marriages can be transformed, literally overnight, when a husband or wife learns the power of one. By accepting personal responsibility for their own emotions and reactions, spouses can learn how to love their mates to the fullest and create a stronger marriage relationship—with the power of one.
From the Back Cover
Surprise! You don’t have to wait for a happier marriage. You can make a difference, beginning today—by changing yourself.
It takes two to tango, but the power of one can ignite a revolution in your relationship. By taking responsibility for your own emotions and reactions, you can improve your marriage, starting now.
In The Surprising Way to a Stronger Marriage, relationship experts Michael and Amy Smalley provide the tools to help you right-size your expectations about your mate . . . reboot your relationship with the Trillion-dollar Question . . . and communicate, validate, “lean in,” and forgive—even when your spouse doesn’t.
See how to make the tools work in Surprising Solution Scenarios. Apply the ideas to your marriage, using the study guide included. Discover how the power of one spouse, bolstered by the power of God and key principles from His Word, can change everything.
The Smalleys have seen these principles succeed, both in their Marriage Restoration Intensive program for couples on the brink of breakup and in their own relationship. Now you can watch them work in yours.
And we do mean now.

In The Surprising Way to a Stronger Marriage Michael and Amy Smalley recognize this and more. Through candidly sharing their own marital conflicts (sometimes humorous!) as well as the conflicts of some of their counseling clients, they encourage individuals to change their attitudes, which very well may change their marriages for the better.

I like this book and would recommend it to couples for a couple of reasons:

1. At 139 pages (plus a study guide in the back) it's easily read in a day or two. And since their are two people contributing it almost has a conversational feel. I liked having the point of view of both husband and wife.

2."We can't control what happens to us but we can control how we respond." The authors focus on what "you" can do in your marriage instead of blaming someone else (i.e. your spouse) for your unhappiness. They do a great job of guiding someone through forgiveness and disappointment in marriage and showing you how to respond in love (even in a hurtful situation) and work towards reconciliation.

Tyndale Publishers provided me a copy of this book for my opinion

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

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Friday, October 15, 2010

The B & B Media Group- Solitary

Product Description

His Loneliness Will Soon Turn to Fear….

When Chris Buckley moves to Solitary, North Carolina, he faces the reality of his parents’ divorce, a school full of nameless faces—and Jocelyn Evans. Jocelyn is beautiful and mysterious enough to leave Chris speechless. But the more Jocelyn resists him, the more the two are drawn together.

Chris soon learns that Jocelyn has secrets as deep as the town itself. Secrets more terrifying than the bullies he faces in the locker room or his mother’s unexplained nightmares. He slowly begins to understand the horrific answers. The question is whether he can save Jocelyn in time.

This first book in the Solitary Tales series will take you from the cold halls of high school to the dark rooms of an abandoned cabin—and remind you what it means to believe in what you cannot see.

About the Author
The author of a dozen works of fiction, including Isolation and Ghostwriter, Travis Thrasher has been writing since he was in the third grade. His writing is known for its honesty, depth, and surprising twists. Thrasher lives with his wife and daughter near Chicago.

It's the typical new-kid-at-school experience for Chris. Almost. He defends a kid against some bullies - and even the kid being bullied tells him it was the wrong move. He meets Jocelyn Evans and her friends Rachel and Poe, and totally flips for Jocelyn. Except everyone starts warning him against her.

And then there's that church that is the church in town and the one where the pastor's sermons say nothing about Jesus but a lot about death. And the muddy footprints near the cabin; someone is watching them. And the email warnings to stay away from Jocelyn. And the small group who seem to worship by themselves. And his mom getting chloroformed. And then Chris getting chloroformed.

This is "Solitary," the first of four Young Adult novels by Travis Thrasher. The author of 11 previous novels for adults (and some ripping good books ranging from love stories to suspense), Thrasher has created in "Solitary" a combination of suspense, nightmare and the anguish of a teenage boy who is head over heels in his first love.

The pace simply doesn't let up. Thrasher has structured the novel with short chapters and sparse, clean prose that add speed and propel the reader forward.

I received this book for free from The B&B Media Group in exchange for my honest review.

The B&B Media Group- True Religion: Taking Pieces of Heaven to Places of Hell on Earth

From the Publisher

A rising voice in the missional movement, Palmer Chinchen challenges Christians to a new kind of spiritual formation-one focused on pouring out our lives for others and radical dependence upon God. When we get out of our comfort zone, our souls are awakened- everything seems more alive and vibrant. So why don't we live our faith that way? Why is it that our faith can easily become an old, tired routine instead of an exhilarating, God-honoring lifestyle? Discover why true religion involves engaging the problems in our world as we go with the good news of the gospel. And in the process of pouring ourselves out for others, we'll see God radically transform our own hearts as well.

Dr Chinchen is the Pastor of The Grove in Arizona. He writes about hell on earth and how, as Christians, we are supposed to bring heaven to those areas.

The book is divided into 5 parts (Expatriate, Conflict Diamonds, Do Work, Desire and Embrace) with 2 chapters in each part. And each chapter is full of personal stories from around the world, mainly Africa, and some parts of America where injustice is occurring.

A group of people travel on missions trips to Cuba, Africa and other parts of the world to share "pieces of heaven". The stories are meant to upset you and cause you to have compassion. This word, Chinchen shares, is meant to be action not just words or pitiful feelings.

Thanks to The B&B Media Group for sending me this book to review.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Start using to manage your money today!

With Mint, you can:

* Get set up in minutes
* See all your accounts in one place
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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Book sneeze- Your Money God's Way

Product Description
Readers discover the seven "counterfeit convictions" that keep them broke and encounter proven plans and for getting out of debt, building wealth, and finding financial peace.

Money habits. Where do they come from? Can you pinpoint when you started shopping to feel better, why you can't usher grown children into financial independence, or why saving for the future is a priority in theory but not in practice?

Amie Streater, associate pastor of financial stewardship for the 10,000-member New Life church in Colorado Springs, has been there. From her own experience, she knows what it's like to look at an impossible pile of bills and a pile of toddlers wrestling in the next room. In Your Money God's Way, empowered by her own incredible journey to financial freedom, she leads readers to the dream of mastering their finances. She also expertly uncovers seven "counterfeit convictions" Christians believe that hinder their personal finance success.

The main thing that I loved about the book, was how the author used prayer and scripture references thoughout the book. This is something we certainly need in this area of our lives! We all can use more prayer and the word of God! This book is perfect for those who want to get back on track in their finances, and that are really seeking the Lord with the help and guidance to do so. I believe it could even be used in a small group study, very easily!

Here is an excerpt from the preface that I believe is smack on:
" order for God to bless you and change your circumstances, you have to be willing to change yourself, or more specifically, your heart, your head, and your convictions. Because if your money is messed up, the problem really isn't your money; it's you. That may sound harsh, but it's the truth. Here's why: in Matthew 6:25-31, Jesus promised that our Heavenly Father will meet all of our needs. Sure, hard times will come, and bad things will occasionally happen to good people, but if you are in a systematic pattern of not having enough, it is not because God is not providing for you, it is because you are not managing what He has already given to you."

I recommend this book because it will guide us as believers to align our thoughts towards finances and how we out to handle them with what Scriptures teach. God's Word certainly isn't vague on the subject! I would also recommend Faith-Based Family Finances as a follow-up, which will lead you into the "how" of managing finances wisely and for the glory of God as well as answer many questions. I am so grateful for the resources God has available to help us grow in this area; I personally learn so much from them!

As per FTC guidelines, I must state that I received a complimentary copy of the book "Your Money God's Way", from Thomas Nelson Publishers, to read for review. My opinions are expressly my own and are in no way influenced positively or negatively, due to receiving this review copy.

Book Sneeze- Out Live your Life

Product Description

These are difficult days in our world's history. 1.75 billion people are desperately poor, natural disasters are gouging entire nations, and economic uncertainty still reigns across the globe. But you and I have been given an opportunity to make a big difference. What if we did? What if we rocked the world with hope? Infiltrated all corners with God's love and life? We are created by a great God to do great works. He invites us to outlive our lives, not just in heaven, but here on earth. Let's live our lives in such a way that the world will be glad we did.

Additional Outlive Your Life products include:

Outlive Your Life audio 9780849946134
Live to Make a Difference booklet 9780849946127
One Hand, Two Hands children's book 9781400316496
You Were Made to Make a Difference teen book 9781400316007
You Changed My Life gift book 9781404187832
Outlive Your Life DVD study 9781418543945
Outlive Your Life participant guide 9781418543952

About the Author
Max Lucado, Minister of Writing and Preaching for the Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas, is the husband of Denalyn and father of Jenna, Andrea, and Sara. On a good week he reads a good book, has a few dinners with his wife, and breaks 90 on the golf course

Once I started reading Outlive your Life by Max Lucado I couldn't stop. It will grab your attention very quickly.

Outlive your Life will encourage you to make a difference. It gives numerous examples on how a single person can have great impact for generations.

Today we live in a world of 1.75 billion poor people and 1 billions of them are in extremely hungry. This statistics put you in the right perspective.

If we all get "unshell" and open our hearts to compassion there is no doubt we can make a difference in people's lives.

Full of stories, anecdotes and personal experiences that will probably make you cry (I did) you will receive a boost of "I want to make a difference" type of attitude.

Chapters are very short - averaging 4-8 pages per chapter - which made it an easy book to read through; and also made it possible to digest the contents bite by bite. The book is quick to challenge your view of yourself and your view of the world around you; and brings about many points to stop an meditate on. There is a great use of story telling, metaphors, and illustration to bring to life the awesome reality that God can, and wants to use us! I would certainly recommend this book - especially to leaders that find themselves "too busy to read."

As Lucado writes, "We are given a opportunity to make a big difference during a difficult time. What if we did? What if we rocked the world with hope? Infiltrated all corners with God's love and life? What if we followed the example of the Jerusalem church?

As per FTC guidelines, I must state that I received a complimentary copy of the book "Out Live Your Life", from Thomas Nelson Publishers, to read for review. My opinions are expressly my own and are in no way influenced positively or negatively, due to receiving this review copy.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Book Sneeze Book Review

Product Description
Practical instruction for living a confident life in a world filled with chaos and crisis.

In the New York Times bestseller What in the World Is Going On? Dr. David Jeremiah summarized ten prophetic clues that are coming true in our own generation. In light of these chaotic events, how can we continue to live a life of commitment and confidence? Looking through the lens of the same verses that speak of Christ's return, Dr. Jeremiah now points us to the habits we must establish that will form a pattern for living with certain hope in our uncertain times. They include how to stay:

Centered in Christ
Committed to the Word
Compassionate toward others
Connected to the church
Consistent in your walk
Calm in your heart
Certain of His coming
Confident in your faith

About the Author
Dr. David Jeremiah is the senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church in El Cajon, California. He is the author of several best-selling books, and his popular syndicated radio and television Bible teaching program, Turning Point, is broadcast internationally. David and his wife, Donna, have four children and ten grandchildren.

In this book the reader is challenged to stay compassionate, constructive, centered, and confident; living life with the guidance of God's Word. This is a book that I will read again, and this time, I will have the highlighters and pen out to take notes. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has issues dealing with stress in today's world.

Please note that Thomas Nelson Publishing has provided me a complimentary copy of this book for my review; however, the opinions are my own. I have not been required to publish a positive review.

Book Sneeze Book Review- the Butterfly Effect

Product Description
The decisions you make and the way you treat others have more impact than you may ever realize.

Speaker and New York Times best-selling author Andy Andrews shares a compelling and powerful story about a decision one man made over a hundred years ago, and the ripple effect it's had on us individually, and nationwide, today. It's a story that will inspire courage and wisdom in the decisions we make, as well as affect the way we treat others through our lifetime. Andrews speaks over 100 times a year, and The Butterfly Effect is his #1 most requested story.

Also included with the purchase of the book is a link to view a 9-minute message of Andrews telling The Butterfly Effect story to a live audience

Great gift book- easy read- good for any age.

To comply with new regulations introduced by the Federal Trade Commission, I must post that Thomas Nelson has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book to review. I also must say that the opinions are all mine

Book Sneeze Book Review- The Boy Who Changed the World

Product Description
Did you know that what you do today can change the world forever?

The Boy Who Changed the World opens with a young Norman Borlaug playing in his family's cornfields with his sisters. One day, Norman would grow up and use his knowledge of agriculture to save the lives of two billion people. Two billion! Norman changed the world! Or was it Henry Wallace who changed the world? Or maybe it was George Washington Carver?

This engaging story reveals the incredible truth that everything we do matters! Based on The Butterfly Effect, Andy's timeless tale shows children that even the smallest of our actions can affect all of humanity. The book is beautifully illustrated and shares the stories of Nobel Laureate Norman Borlaug, Vice President Henry Wallace, Inventor George Washington Carver, and Farmer Moses Carver. Through the stories of each, a different butterfly will appear. The book will end with a flourish of butterflies and a charge to the child that they, too, can be the boy or girl who changes the world.

The illustrations were wonderful, and my children loved looking for the butterflies throughout the book. From the corn fields of Iowa, to the offices in Washington, to the lab of George Washington Carver, the illustrations are beautiful and adorned with butterflies. I highly recommend this book. It's postivie and encouraging message touches the hearts of children and inspires them to greatness

To comply with new regulations introduced by the Federal Trade Commission, I must post that Thomas Nelson (bookSneeze) has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book to review. I also must say that the opinions are all mine.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Tyndale Book review 2 Corinthians


You want your Bible study to help you grow, make a difference, and change your life. This one will. Life Application Bible Studies include thought-provoking questions, complete lesson format, full NLT text, and the most extensive commentary available in a Bible-study booklet, giving you everything you need to understand God’s Word and apply it to your life. The Studies include thirteen ready-to-use lessons to stimulate thought, discussion, and practical life application. Study questions are thoughtfully arranged, and there is generous space for writing answers, as well as special application questions at the end of each lesson to help you map out your personal action plan. With Life Application Bible Studies, you have everything you need in one place!

•Contains the entire New Living Translation text of each book studied.
•Study notes are easy to use and understand, covering background, history, geography, and culture.
•Application notes help you apply God’s Word to your life.
•Contains charts, maps, and profiles of Bible people.

light weight easy book to carry around and have. Great resource

To comply with new regulations introduced by the Federal Trade Commission, Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book

Booksneeze review: One Hands, Two Hands

Editorial Reviews
Product Description
A delightful way to show little ones how their hands are a blessing from God that they can use to do help others.
Written in rhyming text and illustrated with the charming art of Gaby Hansen, this simple message of God's blessing of hands not only entertains . . . as it teaches what wonderful things our hands can do from scratching, latching, and petting a pup to washing dishes with mommy and putting toys in a box . . . but it also conveys the important message: We can use God's gift of hands to show our love for Him by helping others. The book ends tenderly with a prayer of thanks to God for hands and asks Him to use them again:

One hand, two hands,

Five fingers, ten.

God, thanks, for my hands.

Please, use them again.

The book is cute- beautiful pictures. It starts off fun and light but switches towards service and caring for others. Then the last few pages are different ways we can serve with our hands. My 5 yr old enjoyed it- I wouldn't say LOVED it but it was cute and rhyming.

Disclaimer: I received this book free from the publisher through the book sneeze book review bloggers program. I received no other compensation and all opinions presented herein are my own.}

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

BookSneeze book review- plan B

From Publishers Weekly
This new young voice in evangelical Christian circles, a pastor and church planter in Nashville, finds a distinctive way to weave Bible stories with his own and other life stories. People develop Plan B, Wilson argues, when life does not deliver what someone wants. It also entails a firm belief that God is there both in the failure of Plan A and in the redemption that comes in Plan B. Wilson draws on other Christian writers and thinkers as well as the Bible; the foundation for Plan B comes from such Bible texts as John 16:33, in which Jesus says, 'In this life you will have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world.' Wilson cautions that taking only one part of this teaching—either the trouble part or the overcoming part—leads to bad theology. Good theology comes from holding these two together in tension, balancing disappointment and suffering with faith in a loving God. While the teaching is sound, the way he delivers it needs tweaking; Wilson's writing lacks the kind of humility that draws the reader in. (May)

Pete Wilson is the pastor of Cross Point church in Nashville, TN and the author of blog. The book, Plan B, mirrors the message and the person that he presents in both the church and blog mediums.

Plan B is a book intended to help the reader deal with those moments in life where things have not turned out the way they had dreamed or hoped. Let's face it, most of us have either had one of those moments or will. Someone once said that life is what happens when we are planning for it. So how can we deal with those unexpected twists in our lives? While this book is presented from a faith standpoint and will speak very clearly to the Christian reader, it brings a lot of practical wisdom that the non-Christian reader will benefit from as well.

Pete's conversational style has a way of drawing the reader in to the inner circle of the stories he relays as examples for the lessons he has learned from his own life or from others. It is easy to laugh along and to grieve along with the persons inside that circle that Pete invites you to witness.

So what do you do when faced with that moment when the world seems to fall away from under your feet? Do you run? Do you stand paralyzed not knowing what to do? Do you struggle with who to turn to or understanding where help can come from?

I believe everyone in their life has a time where things do not go as planned. You lost a loved one to early, a spouse walked out, or you are battling a physical aliment. No matter what the situation is Pete Wilson shows us through passages of scripture the many biblical characters who lived their whole life living out Plan B and how God used their Plan B to bring healing and glory to God.

If you have someone who is going through a difficult time this would be the prefect book to pass along. This will be a book I keep on my shelf to read whenever things don't go as I had planned.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

BookSneeze Book review- Wild at Heart- revised/Expanded

John Eldredge revises and updates his best-selling, renowned Christian classic.

God designed men to be dangerous, says John Eldredge. Simply look at the dreams and desires written in the heart of every boy: To be a hero, to be a warrior, to live a life of adventure and risk. Sadly, most men abandon those dreams and desires-aided by a Christianity that feels like nothing more than pressure to be a "nice guy." It is no wonder that many men avoid church, and those who go are often passive and bored to death. In this provocative book, Eldredge gives women a look inside the true heart of a man and gives men permission to be what God designed them to be-dangerous, passionate, alive, and free.

If you are a woman, Wild at Heart will give you a peek under the hood of the men in your life. If you are a man, here's your chance to think about things that you would normally probably only ever talk about with a counselor or your best friend.

How often have you stepped back and thought of what it means to simply be a man? The focus in most books is on roles: our roles as a spouse, in our career, as a parent. Most men are bored, he says. Most women are tired.

According to Eldredge, men have three basic desires: adventure, a battle to fight, a beauty to rescue. Again and again he emphasizes that he's not promoting some He Man image and again and again he says that God is the source of true masculinity.

This book changed my husband's life- before he read this book and before he went to the bootcamp that Ransomed Heart offers he was not a christian but after reading this book and attending boot camp he got it and accepted christ.

the message in this book changed our lives.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sickness- prayer request

Oh where to start ….

Our family needs prayers!
Aaron has been sick since October. It’s been non stop ear infection after ear infection, pneumonia, hand foot mouth disease. We haven’t been to church since about October. Maybe once or twice since then but every weekend Aaron would spike a fever and we would be up all night with a congested sick baby. Marco and I are just exhausted. Trying to work full time, take care of all 4 kids, sleep and spend time together. We have barely been functioning.

A few weeks ago Aaron got really sick, marco and the 2 older girls were skiing. I ended up with aaron at Children’s ER.
Marco and I have been frustrated with our primary peds dr just feeling they aren’t doing a very good job. We just felt there was something else going on, there had to be a reason why he wasn’t getting better.

I was changing Aaron’s diaper one time and the urine had collected under his skin and it had swelled to the size of a softball. It was frightening. I told our dr who referred us to a urologist. The appt for that was about a month away. In the meantime the swelling had happened a few more times. I mentioned it when we were at Children’s ER, they did a urine sample and cultured it.

When Aaron and I left children’s ER he had an ear infection nothing else came back. Well that Monday AM Children’s was calling to say Aaron’s urine did grow something and they were giving him an antibiotic. Tuesday AM they called again to say the meds they gave him aren’t going to work since the bacteria was resistant to it so new meds. SO very thankful we have great insurance each med was $300. Insurance covered it all. By Thursday Aaron was a new kid, no runny nose, no cough and he had his spunk back and he slept through the night. WOO HOO 1 nights full sleep finally.

I called the urologist and moved up Aaron’s appt to be the day after his meds ended since I knew they would want to check his urine again and why not have the urologist do it.
4/6 we went to the urologist. Amazing dr. What she told us was the skin never attached to his penis and he has an extra layer of skin. We were told at birth not to circumcise him because it would not come out right and he would have problems. The urologist said we should be thankful that peds dr told us that because they were 100% right. So when Aaron goes to pee his urine builds up under his skin because his penis is buried and can’t find it’s way out.

This coming Monday 4/19 we will take Aaron to Swedish for a kidney ultrasound and a test called VCUG. They will also do a urine culture/sample. This is to test to make sure there has been no damage and that everything inside is working the way it should be.

5/5 Wednesday Aaron is scheduled to have surgery to correct his penis/skin problems. It will be a day surgery. And within a few days will be fine.
He can not be sick before he goes in- can not even have a diaper rash.

Wednesday night Aaron started puking, He had gone to daycare Tuesday. The first time in about 4-6 weeks. Well I guess 2 kids had been sick fever and stomach flu. Marco called the daycare yesterday and they said there is a highly contagious stomach virus going around that last for about 4-5 days. NO!!!!!! we can’t have this in our house. There are a total of 6 of us. Plus I leave Tuesday night for Colorado to attend and be on workcrew for Captivating. Marco will be home alone with the 4 kids and we just can’t get this.

Aaron all day yesterday was just sick- then it turned into diarrhea. I cleaned and bleached and wiped everything I could. I scrubbed and washed. We can not and will not have this in our house.
Especially Aaron before his surgery can not be sick.

We need covering- we need Aaron and Hur to help lift our arms…….

Marco and the kids protecting and covering while I am gone. For their hearts for their time together to be amazing.
Me for my time in CO
For our health- for Aaron’s surgery

For this overwhelming – frustration- isolation- overwhelmingness to all be gone – for us to be able to go to church to connect again. For us all to be rested, refreshed and renewed in him.

The Dress

Julia- My 5 yr old told me the other night about how excited she is that when she grows up she could one day wear my wedding dress and be beautiful.

My Heart sank at that moment. I don't have a wedding dress and didn't have a wedding dress when i married her father.

Marco and I this August have been together 10 years. We got married 9/14/2006. It was a Thursday, downtown Seattle at the Courthouse. We had orginally planned to get married down at the Kirkland Waterfront in this beautiful little gazebo they have there. That week Julia and I both were terribly sick, I was frustrated because I was trying to plan and arrange everything. We didn't have anyone to marry us, no cake and it was exhausting. The weather report said it was suppose to be cold and raining. I think my heart was broken and I gave up. A few days prior to the Saturday wedding date I just decided it was too much, it wasn't going to come together and it just wouldn't be what my heart wanted or needed so to avoid disappoinment I said there wasn't going to be an event that we were just going to the courthouse.

Little did I know years later my longing,my hearts cry, my need and want are to have those photos, those memories to be able to pass down a dress to my princess Julia. To be able to share that moment and that day with a heart full of love and joy. I don't have that.

Every once in awhile I catch myself "Oh wouldn't it be great to get married on 10-10-10 during our 10 years together" to have something special come togehter with friends and family. To have that first dance, the song, the kiss... it just makes me cry thinking about it. It is such a deep want/need in my heart.

I remember a few years ago we went to our church's Valentine dinner, they did a slideshow of the couples. The men were suppose to send in photos of them and their spouse, wedding day photos. We didn't have anything. Not one picture of us together. Marco didn't send anything in, it hurt. It was a firey dart to the deep core part of me. "we aren't like the others" I know those things don't define us but ya know sometimes it sure does.

I just had to share - I had to get it out- becasue it's a need!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Book Review- Captivating Revised and Expanded

John and Stasi Eldredge revise and update this runaway bestseller.

What Wild at Heart did for men, Captivating is doing for women. Setting their hearts free. This groundbreaking book shows readers the glorious design of women before the fall, describes how the feminine heart can be restored, and casts a vision for the power, freedom, and beauty of a woman released to be all she was meant to be.

I first read Captivating about 5 years ago. I was a non christian and I went to a Captivating retreat in CO it changed my life. I am now a Christian and fully engaged in a relationship with my heavenly father.

This is an amazing book and truly everyone should read it. I had a hard time thinking it wasn't for me, i don't feel that way and I am not "screwed up enough" well those were all lies. This book and the Ransomed Heart team have changed my life.

I truly encourage everyone who can to get this book and read it. Be patient and take the time to truly read it and asorb the material.

Book Review- How to reach your full potentional

How To Reach Your Full Potential For God is the newest book by Charles Stanley. In this book, he deals with Christians who settle for less than God's best. In doing so, he points to 7 essentials to live an abundant Christian life:

Essential 1: A clean heart
Essential 2: A clear mind
Essential 3: Using your gifts
Essential 4: A healthy body
Essential 5: Right relationships
Essential 6: A balanced schedule
Essential 7: Taking God-approved risks

Principle 1: Every person has potential
Principle 2: Every person has been created to bring God glory
Principle 3: No one can reach his potential without the Father's help
Principle 4: No potential without spiritual dimension
Principle 5: Only he knows the limits of your potential

IF you are a fan of Charles Stanley, you will not be disappointed. This is a good book and easy read for any new convert or any seasoned believer who wants to review some basic Biblical principles.

I received this book for free from Thomas Nelson book review bloggers program.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Crazy Love- Spreading it around....

There is a blog i follow and read every post.Linny is an amazing woman, follower of an awesome mountain moving Awe inspiring God, mother of many adopted and fighter for all.

She inspires me and often moves me to tears. She has had many trials in her life but comes out on top and through all that she shares her heart. Truthfully, honestly and humbly with us.

It's an honor to be able to read her blog to share in her life! Love ya Linny!!!

Now Crazy love if her recent post. It's pretty much about giving back, paying it forward, offering your last dime and walking in faith.

Here are some other blogs who has amazing - chill to the bone stories of "Crazy Love"


Adoption Love

Moving to Mali

Hope for Haiti

My Heart's Cry

there are several more out on Linny's blog: A Place Called Simplicity

It takes a bold move to be able to ask for help, well I know it does for me. It's hard to be weak, and humble. Don't we always want people to think we have it all together and under control.
Okay so maybe that is just me. I have so many wants, needs, and desires that I wouldn't know where to start on asking for help. and what do you ask for? what's acceptable? I would love to go on a missions trip. That has been a true heart's desire of mine for along time now. Longing to go, to truly be humbled, to look into the eyes of those who love purely from their heart with no strings attached.

Looking around me i see alot of things, things we have accumulated over the years, things that we could live without, the abundant life we live compared to so many others yet there is always something that needs to change or has to be done. I hate living paycheck to paycheck. scrapping, living in the fear of what if we don't make it and how are we going to pull that off. I don't want to live there. God is so much bigger then that and doesn't want us to live in those places. We are to lay everything down and give it over to him. Every day when i get home from work i am reminded of the things we need:new windows, new flooring, new cabinets, new bathrooms, new doors. things need fixing and improving and updating- we don't have the time or the money or the know how. The flower beds are empty, the siding on the house needs replacing as do the gutters. It's a painful reminder yet when i think of those in Haiti living in tents and their homes that have crumbled how can i ask or want or complain. I can't.

I would love to spend more time giving back to others, just truly being his light in this world.

In what ways can you help spread the love and do you need Crazy Love in your life right now?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Contest New Living Translation Bible

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Compassion Bloggers in Kenya

The Compassion team landed in Kenya yesterday and they are all starting to write posts and update us. My heart just aches and goes out to people around the world. God certainly has been stirring something up in my lately to go on a trip, not a vacation but someplace where I can see his beauty and get real.

Over the years I have taken so much for granted and just relied on things well that others don't even know what they are. Running water, toilets that flush, garbage disposals.... light switches. the little things in our every day lives that we have and over look.

What i would give right now to put myself in someone else's shoes to see the grace, mercy, joy and hope real and alive. I see it now sometimes but I believe what Jennifer McKinney has captured in her pictures is REAL and is ALIVE... it doesn't get any more pure then this.

Compassion Bloggers,
Thank you for making 'Help Haiti Live' a success! More than 30,000 people tuned in to see at least a portion of the concert streamed live at Thousands were donated and because of that many Haitian families will continue to receive the care they need in the wake of January's quake. Thank you. 'Help Haiti Live' would not have happened without your on-line support.

THIS MONTH:We turn our on-line attention this month to Kenya. Six bloggers are joining me and our staff in Nairobi March 4-10 to see the ministry of Compassion firsthand and post about it daily in hopes that hundreds of readers will sponsor Kenyan children on-line.

1. Pray: For safety, health, families we leave behind, children awaiting sponsorship, hearts and minds of readers to be opened by God to trust and give.
2. Post: About the trip on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Link to where the world can see every post, pic and video from our week in Kenya.
3. Read: Follow our blogs, link to posts you like, and encourage those who write them. Every kind word helps.Thank you in advance for making our fifth Compassion Bloggers trip a success for the children of Kenya.

Want to go on a trip with us? Got to and fill out the 'Take A Trip' form.

Shaun Groves
Blogger Manager

Friday, February 26, 2010

A Friend's Haiti Update

1 KINGS 19:11-13
Scripture used by Haitian pastor in Port-au-Prince Church on Sunday February 7, 2010
Week 1: PORT-AU-PRINCE JAN 19, 2010
I leave for Haiti on a small jet with a team from Medical Teams International. The transportation and fuel is generously provided by a private company. We fly high above the other air traffic at 44,000 ft. and descend upon Port-au-Prince.
We are given only a few short minutes to land and de-board. Each ‘slot’ on the tarmac is timed and accounted for. Aircraft quickly land and take off making room for the next arrival. The roar of helicopters, jets and massive Air Force cargo planes is deafening. UN vehicles and armed soldiers are everywhere. I see the American flag on a military ATV and am thankful that my country is already on the ground, responding to this disaster. I can’t help but notice all the Hearts for Hope HAITI wounded Haitians sitting under a tarp, lined up in chairs with casts and crutches, as though curiously watching this theatrical buzz of activity at the airport to pass away the time. Later I learn that these are only a few of the thousands of hopefuls…trying
to leave the country. I leave the airport, my pocket full of torn papers with names and addresses scribbled on them…given to me by desperate people in the mob that presses in on us while we wait for transportation to headquarters.
King’s Hospital in Port-au-Prince has about 25 beds…and new cracks in the walls that are being checked frequently by engineers.
The building is yet unfinished. It wasn’t scheduled to open quite yet, but the earthquake changed that plan. Patients with broken bones, burns and unseen emotional trauma arrive in a constant stream. Many post-ops have their ‘bed’ outdoors in the dirt under the trees. Because of fear, many others would prefer to be outdoors. When the aftershocks come, they find their way
outside… quickly. A young man in his 20’s is admitted, screaming in anguish and pain over his crushed great toe. The wound is infected. He will have to have an amputation. As I care for him, he breaks out in a familiar song, “This is the day. This is the day that the Lord has made, that the Lord has made. I will rejoice. I will rejoice and be glad in it”…He moans intermittently through the verses. This is the strength only God can give. I am amazed. In the operating room, the surgeons are completing their 4th amputation for the week. Then his case will begin.
I scrub into surgery with Dr.Lou Zirkle and his team. There is no electricity, no suction, and no X-Ray. The operating room is hot and humid. None of these obstacles seem to matter. Dr. Zirkle is gaining world renown for his SIGN method of internally fixating femur fractures in developing nations…and this disaster has provided hundreds of cases for his marvelous method to be
put to use. At the end of the long day and only 2 cases, I am sopping wet and exhausted. Placing all my weight on the broken legs to give traction for several hours while the surgeons worked is quite a workout.
One little girl particularly moves our staff to action. She comes in with serious burns to her face and neck. She had felt the initial shaking of the quake and ran out of her house, only to be run over by a car, the hot exhaust pipe severely burning her fragile body. Miraculously, she got up and ran back into the house to save her mother just before the house collapsed. MTI is able to
get her on a flight to Florida for follow-up burn care and grafting.

Dr. Steve, Carol, RN, and I are assigned to Baloose. The sight is the private grounds of the Haitian Baptist Seminary in a hilly suburb of Port-au-Prince. It is estimated that anywhere from 2,500-4000 people are camping on the grass here at night. We have come to provide medical care. It is just one of literally thousands of IDP (Internally Displaced People) camps in and outside of the city. Sheets, tarps…and star-studded sky providing the shelter for these wounded people. The night I arrive, I hear singing outside my window; I decide to go see where this ‘choir’ is practicing. As I walk down the hill, hundreds of people crowd the grounds. Standing and singings praises, their hands are lifted high in the warm night air. They are dancing and swaying to the worship music flowing out of an outdoor PA system. I join them. There is little room to move. I will never forget the feeling of this night’s experience. It is a taste of heaven in the midst of a hellish nightmare. Only the touch of God can bring such a sweet melody to a thousand broken hearts. Patients sit in chairs waiting all day to be seen by our little team. This is when I am reminded of the prayers being said on my behalf. Where does my strength come from? Where does this love come from that flows from the depth of my being? His presence is felt. I listen to countless heartbreaking stories. A 24 yo woman complains of a head wound. “A building collapsed and hit me in the head.” I remove the dressing from 42yo Sergo’s arm wound to find bone exposed and huge chunks of muscle cut away…an incredibly complicated injury. Amazingly, he has full use of his hand. We refer him to another facility where he can receive the care he needs. An 11yo girl sits on a chair in front of me, trying to hold on to the squirming 1 month old baby in her skinny arms. She is obviously ill at ease with the infant. She tells me that she is the only person able to care for the baby whose family perished. Her complaint, “The baby is not eating”. Loveson, 28y, a handsome young man, winces as I remove the poorly placed stitches from his crushed nose. His wound is infected. His face is seriously disfigured. I talk to him about the love of the Lord. He looks at me and says, “I am a Christian. I know God allowed this to happen to me because he knew I would be able to handle it.” Another young girl holds her little waif of a sister, Coraly, in her lap. I have to give Coraly painful wound care. It is so hard to inflict more pain on this precious little one…but I know it is for her good. She is one of 5 sisters
left to fend for themselves after losing their mom and 15 other family members. No dad is in the picture. Little Coraly, may Jesus help you and be your Mommy and Daddy. Francise and Tranquile are 2 elderly women in their ~80’s that Carol and I find on the grass in the heat of the midday sun. They seem so helpless just sitting in the midst of the crowd, baking to death.
They are both suffering from mild dehydration. We hang a couple IV’s on them and get them to a cooler spot. Jean, 25y, tells me how he crushed his finger while digging through the rubble of his home. I can smell alcohol on his breath and sense a profound despondency in his demeanor. As I suture his finger, I share the hope of Christ with him. I feel a deep love and compassion
for him, knowing that I, too, once turned to alcohol to deal with pain. It is so natural to talk with him in a nonjudgmental way. But for the grace of God I go. He returns for wound care several days later with a huge smile on his face sharing that he surrendered his life to Christ. Tears of joy flow from my eyes. In one day, we admit 7 patients to the Israeli hospital. Two are woman with broken pelvises who somehow find their way to our station. They have been untreated since the quake…2 weeks of living with an untreated broken pelvis. We return to headquarters in Port-au-Prince. I join a team with the 82nd Airborne Unit that has made field assessments and is accompanying our medical volunteers to IDP camps where people have not received medical attention. Several of the clinics we hold in the next few days have tense moments when we are grateful for what seems to be overkill at first: a group of fully armed soldiers in combat attire fending off the desperate crowd.

I guess Laogane is pretty close to the epicenter. Getting there is a sport: trying to get through mobs of people, traffic and cracks in the pavement. Our team spends several days at a time there. Some days the trip between camp and Port-au-Prince takes an hour. Some days it takes over 2 hours. We sleep in tents on the grounds of the Ayuda à Haiti (Help Haiti) headquarters:
a Non-profit organization from the Dominican Republic. We are joined by humanitarian aid workers from around the world. The make-shift mobile hospital is just a big circle of open tents. Examiners take their places and the hundreds of patients who are checked in early in the morning wait under tarps for their turn to be seen…sometimes all day. I seize the few
minutes I have in the morning before heading to my examining tent to sit on a broken block, and sing songs and witness to the hundreds of people gathered there. Their laughter and smiles fuel me for the long day of work ahead. It is in Laogane where I learn about the MRE: meals ready to eat (the soldiers clue me in on the best ones) and also that SOS means “Save our Ship”. In Haiti, it is a cry for food and water…or any attention at all. Handmade signs are everywhere.
At the mobile hospital it becomes clear that my dental tools might come in handy. Dr. Steve encouraged me to bring a small set. “Bring them just in case…you never know!” he said wisely before we left the US. So, in the midst of disaster relief, I find myself extracting teeth, with my audience of wishful patients growing each day. To prevent a riot, I develop my own system
of turning patients away. I draw numbers out of the hat at the end of the day, reminding my patients, “I am not God!” I guess the hardest part is knowing the disappointment of those I can’t treat. I am reminded that these people, in the midst of all their other suffering, are victims of chronic abscesses and tooth pain. Few of them have had any dental care at all before
the earthquake. Charles, 6y, comes with half of his face twice normal size as well as his eye nearly swollen shut. He has a fever of almost 103 degrees. I have a special drug that I am able to give him to sedate him and make the extraction extremely easy. Pus flows from the wound. His mother is so sweet and caring, so attentive to him. After he gets his antibiotics and medical
intervention for the fever and abscess, they are on their way. Once again, I am grateful I have something to offer these people that blesses them. We go even deeper into the rural areas to hold several mobile clinics. On 2 occasions, we actually hold clinic at the sight of voodoo temples. Apparently this area is known for its heavy concentration of voodoo practice. While we are treating the witchdoctor as a patient, our souls are being bathed with the sounds of worship from the tiny Christian church on the other side of the hedge. It is such an obvious example of the light dispelling the darkness. I only get ‘violently’ sick once…and just ‘regular’ sick another time. It is a small price to pay. At the headquarters in Portau-Prince, I have made some very special Haitian friends. It is the group of people who live and sleep outdoors on the grounds of the mission. The kids are particularly fun. When I get home at the end of the long hard day, or have been gone for several days and return, they all run up to me, take my bags and guitar…and are ready to ‘play’. I fight the urge to crash out and go outside to join them. We dance. We sing. We color and make crafts. I am so glad I don’t give in to my physical exhaustion…just yet…this is too precious of a moment to pass up. Commercial flights to Haiti are supposed to begin again on the 19th of February…just in time to take me back. It was just too perfect a ‘fit’. As I return to the devastated nation I left behind, I am reminded of a Scripture:

PSALMS 18:29

It seems so a propos in the lives of those Haitians in whom I saw such tremendous inner strength, strength that came from their unwavering faith in a God that has helped them “leap over a wall”…the wall that came crashing down upon them.
Thank you for your prayers and financial support.
All His in 2010 –Kris