Friday, April 16, 2010

Sickness- prayer request

Oh where to start ….

Our family needs prayers!
Aaron has been sick since October. It’s been non stop ear infection after ear infection, pneumonia, hand foot mouth disease. We haven’t been to church since about October. Maybe once or twice since then but every weekend Aaron would spike a fever and we would be up all night with a congested sick baby. Marco and I are just exhausted. Trying to work full time, take care of all 4 kids, sleep and spend time together. We have barely been functioning.

A few weeks ago Aaron got really sick, marco and the 2 older girls were skiing. I ended up with aaron at Children’s ER.
Marco and I have been frustrated with our primary peds dr just feeling they aren’t doing a very good job. We just felt there was something else going on, there had to be a reason why he wasn’t getting better.

I was changing Aaron’s diaper one time and the urine had collected under his skin and it had swelled to the size of a softball. It was frightening. I told our dr who referred us to a urologist. The appt for that was about a month away. In the meantime the swelling had happened a few more times. I mentioned it when we were at Children’s ER, they did a urine sample and cultured it.

When Aaron and I left children’s ER he had an ear infection nothing else came back. Well that Monday AM Children’s was calling to say Aaron’s urine did grow something and they were giving him an antibiotic. Tuesday AM they called again to say the meds they gave him aren’t going to work since the bacteria was resistant to it so new meds. SO very thankful we have great insurance each med was $300. Insurance covered it all. By Thursday Aaron was a new kid, no runny nose, no cough and he had his spunk back and he slept through the night. WOO HOO 1 nights full sleep finally.

I called the urologist and moved up Aaron’s appt to be the day after his meds ended since I knew they would want to check his urine again and why not have the urologist do it.
4/6 we went to the urologist. Amazing dr. What she told us was the skin never attached to his penis and he has an extra layer of skin. We were told at birth not to circumcise him because it would not come out right and he would have problems. The urologist said we should be thankful that peds dr told us that because they were 100% right. So when Aaron goes to pee his urine builds up under his skin because his penis is buried and can’t find it’s way out.

This coming Monday 4/19 we will take Aaron to Swedish for a kidney ultrasound and a test called VCUG. They will also do a urine culture/sample. This is to test to make sure there has been no damage and that everything inside is working the way it should be.

5/5 Wednesday Aaron is scheduled to have surgery to correct his penis/skin problems. It will be a day surgery. And within a few days will be fine.
He can not be sick before he goes in- can not even have a diaper rash.

Wednesday night Aaron started puking, He had gone to daycare Tuesday. The first time in about 4-6 weeks. Well I guess 2 kids had been sick fever and stomach flu. Marco called the daycare yesterday and they said there is a highly contagious stomach virus going around that last for about 4-5 days. NO!!!!!! we can’t have this in our house. There are a total of 6 of us. Plus I leave Tuesday night for Colorado to attend and be on workcrew for Captivating. Marco will be home alone with the 4 kids and we just can’t get this.

Aaron all day yesterday was just sick- then it turned into diarrhea. I cleaned and bleached and wiped everything I could. I scrubbed and washed. We can not and will not have this in our house.
Especially Aaron before his surgery can not be sick.

We need covering- we need Aaron and Hur to help lift our arms…….

Marco and the kids protecting and covering while I am gone. For their hearts for their time together to be amazing.
Me for my time in CO
For our health- for Aaron’s surgery

For this overwhelming – frustration- isolation- overwhelmingness to all be gone – for us to be able to go to church to connect again. For us all to be rested, refreshed and renewed in him.

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