Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fasting for Aaron on Friday

I am going to FAST on Friday for Aaron and for his health- would you please consider standing with me and praying?

Tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday) some folks from church are coming over to pray over aaron and for aaron. We just want him healthy and this trend of illnesses/health issues to be gone. If you think about it can you pray tomorrow afternoon for aaron and for the church folks who are praying? I don’t know the time yet but will update you.

Below are emails I sent to our church prayer chain:

Last Wednesday morning we went to Children’s Hospital Seattle for more testing.

Aaron will be having a VFSS (Video fluoroscopic Swallowing Study). We met with the pulmonary clinic/drs at Children’s a few weeks ago and they think its a good idea to have this test done to see if there is a possibility food/liquids are going into this lungs when he eats/swallows.

He is now 21 months old and has been sick for 10 months straight only a short 8 week break June-august and mid August it started again.

He is on prevacid, 2 inhalers has had 3 chest xrays, 1 upper gi, 1 surgery, VCUG and tons of tests. I just want his body to be healed.

Marco and I are soooo tired, just mentally, emotionally, and physically. Every time we try to come to church on sunday sickness gets us. One sunday marco was so sick couldn't move and about 2pm that afternoon it was gone. I am sure its something bigger (spirit of isolation) keeping us away because we have been so isolated this past year.

If you could pray for this isolation thing to go away and for our relationships with friends and families to grow in leaps in bounds. Health Health Health- for healing and strength and protection for our family. Wisdom for the doctors and for what ever is going on with Aaron to be revealed and mystery solved so we can reduce medicines and get him healthy. Also if you are praying and hear anything for us could you let us know.

Update from the testing:

The swallowing study (xray) showed that he is building a pocket of fluids up over his airway so its possible he is aspirating but at that time of the testing he would trigger his muscles and swallow instead of all of it going into his lungs. He is now due to this on a liquid restricted diet which means anything and everything that is pour able/liquid needs to be thickened. We have a dietician assigned to us from Children's and Thickening stuff we have to use.

by thickening the liquids he has to work more and harder to get things down and he uses all his muscles which makes it go down the right pipe. where thinner liquids it appears he is lazier and allows them to go down both tubes.

recheck in 3 months.

later that day we had another dr appt and found out he has alot of food allergies.

Dairy or any product in dairy category was huge. Thankfully we had taken him off dairy in June due to the fact dairy creates alot of mucous. So we were giving him almond milk and coconut milk which he is highly allergic to hazelnut, soy, coconut and almonds. so now just rice milk.

there is something that is also making his face develop a rash. We can't figure out if its the prevacid(reflux med) or a food. so we are monitoring that closely to figure out what the trigger is.

He has been coughing a lot the past few days and tons of mucous so we are hoping in the next day or 2 his body will flush away all the cold/allergy stuff and coughing will go away now that we have removed the allergens.

The drs say in time he will probably out grow everything maybe by age 4 or 5.

there is more I am sure - it was a lot of stuff to process Wednesday and then phone calls with follow up appts and children's home care yesterday.

You wouldn't know he was sick- he is in daycare- running around- being cray but gets crabby and coughs. We just need his lungs healed.

11/14 Aaron wasn’t feeling well this morning and took a nap about 10/11 ish woke up with a fever and a gunky eye. After about an hour or so we decided to take him into Children’s Bellevue Urgent Care- well he has an ear infection and pink eye. His lungs sounded okay. His fever is about 100. He is on 2 different meds for ear infection and pink eye. This means no daycare and one of us need to stay home from work to be with him and care for him.

This is almost exactly to the week when we first started with all the ER visits- last year this time he had ear infection- pink eye and pneumonia. So we are praying and breaking this- no more!!!

Can we all just pray in agreement for his healing and his body to be restored to pure health.

Tonight 11/16 Really exciting news- Aaron was having a bad day not feeling well and not eating – we tried to get an appt with our ped dr but they were full so at 5pm we went to Children’s Bellevue Urgent care.

Aaron’s ear infection is gone. After 3 doses of antibiotics it’s gone. The dr said if it hadn’t been written in his record that he had one she wouldn’t have known because there were no signs.

His pink eye is looking great you can hardly see.

So Prayer is working and we are going to keep pressing in. As I know God can and will heal Aaron.

SMALL STRAWS IN A SOFT WIND by Marsha Burns -- 11/16/2010:

Be strong and do not lose heart. Refuse to give up. The enemy would have you to believe in hopelessness, but he will not succeed as long as you maintain your position of hope. Give him no ground. Take the time and make the effort to exercise your faith and to believe Me and know that I have heard your prayers, says the Lord.

2 Corinthians 4:17 For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory

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  1. Just read this today. So glad to know that you are being surrounded by prayer. Hope and pray that Aaron is doing better and giving you all some much-needed rest.