Thursday, March 4, 2010

Compassion Bloggers in Kenya

The Compassion team landed in Kenya yesterday and they are all starting to write posts and update us. My heart just aches and goes out to people around the world. God certainly has been stirring something up in my lately to go on a trip, not a vacation but someplace where I can see his beauty and get real.

Over the years I have taken so much for granted and just relied on things well that others don't even know what they are. Running water, toilets that flush, garbage disposals.... light switches. the little things in our every day lives that we have and over look.

What i would give right now to put myself in someone else's shoes to see the grace, mercy, joy and hope real and alive. I see it now sometimes but I believe what Jennifer McKinney has captured in her pictures is REAL and is ALIVE... it doesn't get any more pure then this.

Compassion Bloggers,
Thank you for making 'Help Haiti Live' a success! More than 30,000 people tuned in to see at least a portion of the concert streamed live at Thousands were donated and because of that many Haitian families will continue to receive the care they need in the wake of January's quake. Thank you. 'Help Haiti Live' would not have happened without your on-line support.

THIS MONTH:We turn our on-line attention this month to Kenya. Six bloggers are joining me and our staff in Nairobi March 4-10 to see the ministry of Compassion firsthand and post about it daily in hopes that hundreds of readers will sponsor Kenyan children on-line.

1. Pray: For safety, health, families we leave behind, children awaiting sponsorship, hearts and minds of readers to be opened by God to trust and give.
2. Post: About the trip on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Link to where the world can see every post, pic and video from our week in Kenya.
3. Read: Follow our blogs, link to posts you like, and encourage those who write them. Every kind word helps.Thank you in advance for making our fifth Compassion Bloggers trip a success for the children of Kenya.

Want to go on a trip with us? Got to and fill out the 'Take A Trip' form.

Shaun Groves
Blogger Manager

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