Wednesday, August 18, 2010

BookSneeze book review- plan B

From Publishers Weekly
This new young voice in evangelical Christian circles, a pastor and church planter in Nashville, finds a distinctive way to weave Bible stories with his own and other life stories. People develop Plan B, Wilson argues, when life does not deliver what someone wants. It also entails a firm belief that God is there both in the failure of Plan A and in the redemption that comes in Plan B. Wilson draws on other Christian writers and thinkers as well as the Bible; the foundation for Plan B comes from such Bible texts as John 16:33, in which Jesus says, 'In this life you will have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world.' Wilson cautions that taking only one part of this teaching—either the trouble part or the overcoming part—leads to bad theology. Good theology comes from holding these two together in tension, balancing disappointment and suffering with faith in a loving God. While the teaching is sound, the way he delivers it needs tweaking; Wilson's writing lacks the kind of humility that draws the reader in. (May)

Pete Wilson is the pastor of Cross Point church in Nashville, TN and the author of blog. The book, Plan B, mirrors the message and the person that he presents in both the church and blog mediums.

Plan B is a book intended to help the reader deal with those moments in life where things have not turned out the way they had dreamed or hoped. Let's face it, most of us have either had one of those moments or will. Someone once said that life is what happens when we are planning for it. So how can we deal with those unexpected twists in our lives? While this book is presented from a faith standpoint and will speak very clearly to the Christian reader, it brings a lot of practical wisdom that the non-Christian reader will benefit from as well.

Pete's conversational style has a way of drawing the reader in to the inner circle of the stories he relays as examples for the lessons he has learned from his own life or from others. It is easy to laugh along and to grieve along with the persons inside that circle that Pete invites you to witness.

So what do you do when faced with that moment when the world seems to fall away from under your feet? Do you run? Do you stand paralyzed not knowing what to do? Do you struggle with who to turn to or understanding where help can come from?

I believe everyone in their life has a time where things do not go as planned. You lost a loved one to early, a spouse walked out, or you are battling a physical aliment. No matter what the situation is Pete Wilson shows us through passages of scripture the many biblical characters who lived their whole life living out Plan B and how God used their Plan B to bring healing and glory to God.

If you have someone who is going through a difficult time this would be the prefect book to pass along. This will be a book I keep on my shelf to read whenever things don't go as I had planned.

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