Tuesday, March 3, 2009

3.5 weeks

Aaron Smiling

Julia and Aaron
wow it's been 3.5 weeks. Aaron has now gained almost 2 lbs and currently weighs 8.12. He grew almost an inch. It has been a wild and crazy 3 weeks but i think the dust is settling.
i can already tell boys are so much different then girls. Aaron is so different then what i remember his sisters being like. which is great -it's a new adventure.
Toryn refers to Aaron as Lil Dude. she isn't that much into him but at 14 she has more important things to do and think about. All those friends!!
Tarah is so extremely helpful. She is already coaching Aaron on how to act especially "Aaron we don't get mad and scream!" it's cute. she calls him bean.
Julia- oh Julia loves her baby brother. she loves to help with everything. She calls him "big guy"
"mom how is big guy doing?" it is soo cute.
I can't wait for the weeks to come.

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  1. Both pics are amazing. He is simply adorable, and looking at Julia hold him brings such tears of joy.

    How are you doing?