Monday, January 17, 2011

Being a Voice in the dark

Recently i went to a retreat- The Destiny Project through Rhythms of Grace Coahing wow what an incredible gift and amazing time away with God.

Here is some information about the retreat which can also be a conference call:
The Destiny Project Journey* is designed to call forth women who know they were meant for more and empower them to bring lasting change to the world, in the name of Christ. We will guide you at a life-giving pace through a proven Visioneering Process using eight coaching tools.

You will learn to...

Connect with God from your heart and learn to listen as He speaks into your life.
Discover your true identity in Christ and your deepest life purpose and be able to describe them authentically.
Envision what is possible when you align your life with your unique core values.
Reframe the story you tell yourself about the obstacles that currently and historically stand in the way of fulfilling your destiny.
Create clearly defined visionary goals and next action steps that flow out of who you are and where God is at work in your life.

It will change your life forever. You walk away with a clear understanding and knowing of who you truly are. I mean deep down know the truth about your heart, values and your passion. It's made very clear.

The women that held this certain retreat also run an Organization- Generation Justice. which you will find more info out on facebook. But it's about Human trafficking and lighting up the world in all the dark places. It's about making an impact and changing lives forever, for generations to come.

I would encourage anyone who happens to read this and stumble across this blog post to get educated. Look into the Destiny project. Look into Human trafficking, Fair Trade prodcuts.

Here are a few sites to encourage you and help you on this journey- so you cna be a voice in the dark. Sak Saum amazing products handmade

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