Monday, August 10, 2009

Book Review- Rick and Bubba Guide to Marriage

I am not a follower of Rick and Bubba-I had never heard of them before but loved the opportunity to read this book.
I would warn people they need to be open minded when reading this book. Lighten up a little.
I sometimes find myself with books that offer advice being ready to read "the secert" the one thing that will fix my marriage. The one thing I can show my spouse and say "See- this is what I am talking about" This book does offer insight through humor and sarcasm. I think maybe we do lack these things in our marriages and we take things seriously. Maybe that is the secret we need- Lighten up!

It's realistic - definetly recommended reading for any married couple. The chapter titles everyone knows exactly what they are talking about without even having to read-
"Lost keys", "Why is our stuff the first to go", "Love and credit cards".

I love that there is 2 bonuses that come with this book- the cd in the back "the best of rick and bubba" and the last few pages of the book are 2nd book- "the book of blame"

Rick and Bubba offer a way for couples to understand eahc other and also for us to laugh at the way it is.

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