Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Happy 15th Birthday Toryn.

May 15, 1994 10:51pm Toryn Mishel was born.

Made a grand entrance into the world with many folks watching and helping.

Toryn's name is Gaelic and it means Chief. That she is. Determined, head strong, fierce, loves to live out loud and be the center of attention.

She is the oldest of 4 kids. Her father and I never married. I raised her as a single mom. She loves horses, music and playing games.

I am so proud of her and the things she has overcome in her life. Learning disablities and obstacles of joint custody with vistation. She is one mighty warrior. I love her deeply and I can't believe how fast time has flown by. And it saddens me that 3 years from now she will be 18.

My Beautiful Daughter
I want you to always know that in good and bad times I will love you and that no matter what you do or how you think or what you say you can depend on my support, guidance friendship and love every minute of every day I love being your mother!
Susan Polis Schultz
Toryn I hope you are as blessed many times over for the blessings you have given me each and everyday.

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  1. Lovely, Tammie. You are such a warm and loving mom. I love how you love your kids and see their abundant strengths.