Friday, May 29, 2009

Looking into the eyes

Every morning during the week I get off the bus right in front of the Seattle Public Library.
Sitting there waiting are usually several homeless people. The library opens at 10am. anytime before that the homeless folks start lining up. Once the doors open they go in and hang out in the library all day.

My heart is heavy most days for them. There are a few regulars that I see and I have caught a glimpse of who they are. Their heads are usually down, hiding i would assume from shame but since i truly don't know their story I can't speak into that. But what I do know is you can see in their eyes how desperate and lost they are. You can see that they are someone's child possibly have children of their own. Maybe they had a job once sitting in the corner office until they got laid off and then cancer struck and no longer could they afford the cobra health insurance and the medical bills pilled up....til they to were consumed not only by the disease but by debit.

Some have hope and offer it to anyone who will look their way. They quote scripture and speak about God to anyone that even glances. This always makes me smile. How faithful are they that they know their Father in Heaven loves them no matter what and that they want to share the word with anyone and everyone. They are a light in this earthly world the glimpse of hope we need, surviving daily on words alone.

Next time you see someone don't be too quick to judge or label. We don't know their stories and it could easily be us sitting there waiting for the door to open so we to can have warmth and shelter that day.

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