Thursday, May 7, 2009

Choices and parenting contest

Elizabeth Pantley is local to us here in Washington State. I had the opportunity to meet her and hear her speak several years ago. I think about 10 years ago if not 12 years.

The talk was on Kid Cooperation- man did i ever need it back then. Now that I have 4 kids (2 teenagers, 1 4yr old and 1 3 month old) I am still using choices.
Here are some examples:
You should offer choices based on your child’s age and your intent. A toddler can handle two choices, a grade-school child three or four. A teenager can be given general guidelines. Offer choices such that you would be happy with whatever option your child chooses. Otherwise, you’re not being fair. For example, a parent might say, “Either eat your peas or go to your room” but when the child gets up off his chair, the parent yells, “Sit down and eat your dinner, young man!” (So that wasn’t really a choice, was it?)
Here are some ways in which you can use choice:
· Do you want to wear your Big Bird pajamas or your Mickey Mouse pajamas?
· Do you want to do your homework at the kitchen table or the desk?
· Would you rather stop at the gas station or give me the money to fill the tank?
· Do you want to wear your coat, carry it, or put on a sweatshirt?
· Would you prefer to let the dog out in the yard or take him for a walk?
· Do you want to run up to bed or hop like a bunny?
· What do you want to do first, take out the trash or dry the dishes?
· Do you want to watch five more minutes of TV or ten?

As for myself I don't think I was given choices- i was just given what ever i wanted. No fault of my mom's but she just loved me the best she knew how. I know different (not better just different)

If you haven't read any of her books here is the link and she is also having a contest where you can win them.

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