Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It might be me.....

I am so excited right now... our local radio station Spirit 105.3 is doing this 40 day health and fitness challenge. I am one of the 8 qualifiers. Starting Jan 2nd people can go out online and vote for me to be one of the 4 finalists in this challenge.

Here is the link:

What's in it for me besides losing weight- getting healthy and growing with God- well here it is:
1) Each of the 4 contestants will be sporting a new pair of New Balance 1010 cross-trainers (retail $110). These premier multi-purpose cross-trainers offer supportive and cushioning from runs on the pavements to the most grueling indoor workouts.

2) Each of the 4 contestants will have access twice a week to Olympus Spa each week allowing them to focus on their health and body relaxation after their tough workouts. This includes herbal hydrotherapy pools, earth energy rooms, steam, sauna and more for a whole day.

3) Each of the 4 contestants will recieve one meal per week throughout the competition to Taco Time. Grand prize of $100 gift certificate to Taco Time for overall winner.

4) 40 Day Extreme Makeover by God. Millennium Chiropractic will be giving all four participants: Body by God, The Owners Manual for Maximized Living book by Dr. Ben Lerner. 6 week Registration in Body By God Workshops to be held at Puyallup Four Square Church.

5) AIM Fitness - Annual Membership for Final 3 Contestants, Lifetime Membership for overall winner

I turn 40 in March and at this moment i am very unhealthy and obese. (such a yucky word) but it's the truth. So if I am chosen to be one of the final 4 i get to blog about the challenge, do the workouts with a trainer, keep a food journal... and the best thing is I can encourage others including my family.

I'll post more info when they have the profiles online and voting begins.

but right now .... It might be me!!!!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I so hope it's you!!! That would be so awesome to not only get fit and healthy on the outside but on the inside as well.