Thursday, January 14, 2010

Going Up?

What a week it's been. Monday Night my husband called me while I was at bible study. He was sick, throwing up, woke up Aaron and just needed me home. My 13 yr old hadn't been feeling well either, she said she felt all day like she needed to throw up. Tuesday hubby stayed home. I was fine Tuesday, perfectly fine then it hit about 8pm I started to not feel well. 10pm came and as I was laying in bed I thought I know this is it and off to the bathroom I ran.
Yep I was sick. then came the chills, fever and aches. I woke hubby up and asked him to pray because I just really couldn't believe this was happening. On the Eve of what would be my 2nd bootcamp workout. No I can't be getting sick!
I was up all night just sick sick sick!
Wednesday came and I slept all day. Woke up about 2pm and felt some what able to join the human race for awhile. I was bummed though. 2 workouts I missed and I feel so far behind.
Today I am at work. I started to get really discouraged and just down. I was reading emails from the other 3 contestants and they are so awesome. Very encouraging words, pray and lots of uplifting thoughts. I love that they took the time to think of me and that we truly are in this together. They said words that I sooo needed to hear.
I went to go downstairs and go grab a coffee (yes I am feeling better) I was on the escalator. Right in front of me was this little boy (about 2yr olds) and his dad, holding hands. Right before they got to the end the dad lifted him up and off the escalator. Then they turned around to go back UP. The Dad said to the little boy " Are you ready to go UP now?, ok here we go" and the little boy stepped on. His Dad did not lift him but was holding his hand. The little boy was wobbly and shaky. But got on and up they went.
It made me think that is EXACTLY how God is with us, He is our Daddy asking us "Are you ready" and then holds us , allows us to take those steps and encourages us by offering us grace.
It was such an amazing imagine. One that I truly needed today. He has me always and he isn't going to let go becasue he is there for us.
2 John 1:3 Grace, mercy, and peace will be with you from God the Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father, in truth and love.

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