Monday, July 6, 2009


10 days of camping with a total of 7 people and 2 dogs in 1 trailer.
90 degree weather, mosquitos that attack in swarms but it was fun and amazing family time.

The first stop we made was Wenatchee to visit my great aunt. My grandma's sister. She is in an assisted living home and she has Alzheimer's. What a horrible, terrible Disease. She was always so full of life. She loves all her family so much and would travel anywhere to help anyone. She was always there. The past few years have been hard to see this disease rob her memory, mind, and her life.

She was one who knew who everyone was. We would go to family functions and she knew everyone and how we were all related and days they were born and just about everything about their life. I loved that in her. She was spunky, fiesty and full of it! I say she still is.

We walked in that morning to see her and her face lit up. She called us "Ethel's Gang" that's my grandma. I just hugged her and stroked her back and held her hand. I can only hope she knows how much I love her and what an impact she had on my life. She is so fragile now. She is lost in her mind. She remembers somethings and tells stories. She was telling us about how her husband my Uncle Paul was coming to remodel the house she is living in. Well he had been dead for several years now. But it was nice that she remembers him and his character and that he was a builder.
She sat at the table with a pile of pictures and post cards in front of her just picking them up and holding them and starring at the pictures. I wish she could tell us stories , I wish I had spent more time listening and hearing her before this disease stole her away from us.

We all love her so dearly- She is still with us and she is such a blessing. I am glad that is the way we started our camping trip. So we could remember life is short and you do not know what may happen- have you told those around you the stories, how you feel.... you should before you are robbed the chance.

Happy blogging all my bloggy friends.

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