Friday, July 31, 2009

Monday August 3rd Fast

Would you join me/us?
The Fast: Monday, August 3rd
Fast: Breakfast or Lunch or Dinner or All Three or maybe if your not ready skip having chocolate or coffee for the day.

Here are 3 great resources on Fasting and how to prepare and some scripture about Fasting.

Linny's Blog on Fasting

I fasted for the first time last week on Monday July27th and it was the most amazing expereince. There was such a peace and connection with God.

There is another group of us doing it again this Monday August 3rd.
I will be praying for Stellan , Kate, Marie's and other sick children out there who need healing and whose parents need comfort. Also I will be praying for our govt, the economy and for LIFE .

Will you consider Joining me? Inviting others?

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