Tuesday, July 28, 2009

through a child's eyes

Yesterday I started following McKMama's blog ....http://www.mycharmingkids.net/
What an incredible story, such faith and trust in our Father. The picture she posted last night just undid me. I just sat there staring into Stellan's eyes. I saw so much in his little eyes- Our Father- the veil being lifted, the peace, the life, the hope and also I saw the faint weary little boy who needs a big miracle that I know our Mt Moving God can do.
It is hard to describe just what i felt and capture the words to put you into that moment with me. I felt the same way on Saturday when i opened the mail and received an updated picture of the child we sponsor through http://www.compassion.com/default.htm . I was so very excited to see him. He is in India and he is 7 years old. What a treasure to see through his eyes.
We write letters back and forth but there is something about "seeing" him.
Another picture is "Hudson" http://chapmanchannel.typepad.com/marybeth/ who is now at Maria's big house for Hope. The love that pours out of those eyes. It just humbles me and brings me to my knees. I feel helpless and lost. I feel there is so much more I should be and can be doing but what and how. Those eyes look at me and pierce my heart with so much love. Those are the eyes of Christ. Those are the eyes that say no matter what I Forgive you and I love you unconditionally. Just makes me want to hold my family tighter and to worship our Father so much louder.

I challenge you to take a look into those eyes around you and pause for a moment and just let it sink in. What are they saying to you, what are you missing in life and what can you "change".

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