Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas...

Well sorta. I wish we had cooler temperatures outside. Yesterday when driving home from work it was 111 degrees. Yes 3 digits. Thankfully in our house we have 2 small window AC units which kept our house about 85 degrees. But still trying to sleep in that with no real breeze and its just muggy. It's sticky, wet, humid heat so all you want to do is remove your clothing because its soaked- shower and then maybe put clothes back on.

The poor dogs they wanted to go outside and run and play but then would get out there and come right back to the door and sit and pant. Then come in and lay in front of the fan. They would look at us like "you're crazy, i'm not moving and don't think about touching my fan"

Hopefully we will see cooler temps today. I think we are all becoming super creative during this heat wave. I have seen pictures of frozen water bottles in front of a fan. I have heard folks freezing wet towels and hanging in front of a fan. buckets or bowls of ice in front of the fan. Anything to create a cool breeze. Hey when your desperate you get creative right. Antyhing to surivie. But then I think do we know anything about true survival. Folks in other countries deal with things like this every day without electricity, fans, ice and sometimes no water. I know we are uncomfortable and we don't like being hot but at least we have homes to go to, cars to drive, clothes to wear and food to eat. Loving arms to come home to , a rocking chair to sit and hold a healthy baby as he goes to sleep. Some are not as forunate as us. So today for them I will not whine, I will not complain I will simply think of them and pray for them and lift them up to our Father in Heaven and ask him to be with them today. To pour the rain down on them. To give them a breeze of freshness and life.

So today I dream of Christmas- becasue Christ came not becasue it's snowy and cold.

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  1. Ditto! I'm right there with you. Brian said yesterday though that he was going to go buy 2 snow shovels cause he knows if he does then it won't snow this next winter. You know how that is!

    Love the beach blog design!!!