Monday, July 20, 2009

Memorial Box Monday- The Ring

This weekend my husband lost his wedding ring in a river. He was on a men's retreat with our church and slipped and the tube he was pushing to shore with some of the gear started to get away. He pushed his hand down in the sand/water to keep from falling and while doing that the sand/water grabbed the ring. So it was either keep his hand where it was in hopes of finding the ring or grab the gear. He grabbed the gear since it was not only him but a large group of men counting on that gear.

A few men spent some time trying to help him find the ring but as of sunday night when he came home- no ring.

I remember when he first found the ring before we got married. He was very proud of his find and extrememly happy. It was Titanium. That meant it wouldn't get scratched and banged up while working on computers all day.

Today's memorial box is for the ring- what it symbolizes, the meaning and the joy it brought. Now I know our God is an amazing God and I have seen many things over the years involving wedding rings and their reappearance so I will be patient and see what he is up to.

In September we will have been married for 3 years. The ring made it almost 3 years.

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